Miller Union: 7/01/2011

The ‘Hood
“Fashionable” West End. When I moved to Atlanta in 1972, the West End was a bunch of warehouses near the railroad tracks. As the years went by, it turned into a bunch of empty warehouses, but now it has been resurrected as a trendy area close to downtown, full of restaurants and loft apartments.

Dopplebock and Saisson

Why We are Here
Eve ran into our boss the other day, who mentioned that she heard we were blogging our date nights. The boss lives in this area, and recommended Miller Union, so we thought we would give it a try. Miller Union is a farm-to-table eatery where everything is fresh and the menu changes depending on the season.

The Dining Experience

Corn Chowder, Pea Soup or Squash Soup?

We had a 5:30 dinner reservation because according to the internet, we couldn’t get a 6:00 reservation. It’s only a couple of miles from our work location, and we didn’t have anything to do to kill time, so we went over right after our shift. The place was pretty empty when we got there and we did wonder where all of those 6PM reservations were. We started off with some beer. Eve had an Ommegang Saisson from Cooperstown, NY (which she didn’t love) and I had a Thomas Creek Doppleboch Lager from Greenville, SC. I did not know that Greenville had a brewery, and we will try to visit there the next time we drive through.

Fresh egg with celery cream. It went right on that bread.

Tonight we decided to go with two appetizers, the (soup of the day) corn chowder and the fresh egg in celery cream sauce. The corn chowder tasted a lot like pea soup, so when we asked the waiter what it really was, he said it was pea soup. He later returned to inform us that it was squash soup and because he had told us the wrong soup, he was going to take it off the check. A nice touch, but he didn’t have to do that because there wasn’t a drop of it left after we ate it. The egg was incredible. There is something about fresh eggs. I don’t know what it is, but that egg tasted like it had just popped out of a chicken.

Low-Country Boil. Tasty, and nicely presented.

Dinner was a shared portion of low-country boil, which the restaurant was nice enough to split in half for us. The shrimp was from the Georgia coast, the onions were from Vidalia, and the sausage was made in-house. We like to eat local, so this was a good dish for us. The sausage had a good kick to it, as did the side sauce for the shrimp. Overall, it was a good choice, although the low-country boil at Six Feet Under a couple of blocks away is more plentiful and less money.

The grand finale: 'Smores!

Dessert was house-made ‘smores. The marshmallows and graham crackers are made there and the chocolate sauce was wonderful. I really wanted to lick my plate, but for some reason that’s frowned on in this country. Maybe we could start a new trend…

What We Liked
Fresh, fresh, fresh. Everything tasted like it had just been picked or caught. You can tell that there was not a lot of time between when the food was harvested and when it got to our stomachs. The wait staff was excellent and did a great job, and as mentioned earlier, they took the soup off of the tab when they really didn’t have to.

What We Didn’t Like
It’s a little pricey and they should put where the products came from on the menu. There is a list on a chalkboard near the bathrooms, but it’s just a list of their vendors and it doesn’t really tell you much.

Miller Union on Urbanspoon

What’s Next?
Date night is usually accompanied by a Netflix movie. Tonight, we’ve got Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” cued up in the DVD player.

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