Moe’s Southwest Grill: 7/15/11

It’s Friday night so it should be date night, but it’s not! We are on a road trip and with 9 days of eating out ahead of us, we decided to hit the road immediately after work and grab Moe’s on the road. We enjoy freshly-made tofu burritos as we head north on I-85 on a non-stop, 10-day vacation date.

We didn’t want to disappoint our loyal readers so we thought this would be a good time to play catch up. We actually started Friday night date night about 2 months before we found the time to write the blog. With the start of spring the new tradition was born at Murphy’s where we shared Calamari, Trout with grits, Truffle mac&cheese AND not one, but TWO desserts! Both the toll house pie and the apple cranberry tart were awesome, but you could have rolled us out of Virginia Highlands that night.

The following Friday found us at a Birthday celebration at Tara Humata in Roswell. Next to the chips and guacamole, the GIANT organic Margarita was the main attraction. I worked on it all night and was never able to finish it! Roger and I shared Lobster tacos. The following week we had a low country boil at Six Feet Under, discovered Hop City, and got stuck in a hail storm (but that harrowing tale will not be told here). Next we were on a double date with dear friends in Charlotte. It’s never my first choice, but BBQ was the pick. Back home in the ATL for the last of five Fridays in April, we walked from work to Der Beirgarten where we enjoyed a traditional meal of soft pretzels, a wurst combo plate, and apple strudel.

We started May by venturing out to the Smyrna area and enjoying burgers and fries at Muss and Turners. On 5/13 we met friends at the Sweetwater after work beer party and then dined alone at HobNob Neighborhood tavern. We loved the Tavern Sampler for two, followed by the Earthburger – which was edamame. And finally, the last date night before the blog started, was at Cypress Street Pint & Plate. Another birthday celebration, with a different group of people. While awaiting the main attraction (a cake from Elon) we grazed on some soft pretzels, meatball sliders, and fish and chips.

We are good for the Atlanta restaurant community. As long as there is date night, there will be no recession in our stomachs!


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