Red Sky: 8/18/2011

Before we get to tonight’s date, it’s time for full disclosure:  date night this week is on Thursday, not Friday.  We are headed to a wedding on Friday, so as we are on vacation this week, we decided to go somewhere near our house.

The ‘Hood

We’re talking East Cobb, baby.  It’s total shopping center ambiance for miles on Johnson’s Ferry Road.  No crime, lots of free parking, and only 2 miles from our house makes this a pretty good location for date night.

Why We Are Here

We have chosen Red Sky for two reasons, besides the fact that it’s so close to the house.  We have a coupon for 50% off (up to $10) from  and most of the tapas on the menu are 50% off from 4PM to 7PM.  It’s almost like they are paying us to eat here.

Let’s Eat

Ranger IPA and Blue Moon

Red Sky is a tapas bar, which means you get to order small portions of many items on the menu.  This can make your bill go up very quickly, but with all of the discounts we have tonight, who cares?  Thursday also features martini specials, but we are beer people so I go with a Ranger IPA and Eve sticks with one of her favorites, Blue Moon.  Ranger is made in Colorado by New Belgium, the folks that bring us Fat Tire beer, which has been heavily marketed in the Atlanta area.

Lobster and Corn Dip

The first plate to arrive is the corn and lobster dip with tortilla chips on the side.  Even liver is good on tortilla chips, but this dish is exceptionally good.  I had a few big chunks of lobster and the dish had an unexpected kick to it.  It was a good opening round.

Veggie Pizza

For the second round, we ordered a vegetarian pizza with tomatoes, asparagus, and pepper jack cheese.  Again, this was a good choice and it didn’t last long.

Pulled Pork Nachos

Round three featured pulled pork nachos.  This was an interesting take on nachos, and it was quite yummy.  It too had a kick from the pepper jack cheese on top.  This was my favorite dish of the four we ordered.

Tenderloin Tacos

More spice followed, with seared tenderloin tacos.  This one was the spiciest of the lot and it’s amazing that our beers lasted as long as they did.

Tres Leches Cake. Tres bien!

With all of that fire, we had to order something to put it out, so we went for the tres leches for dessert, a milk cake with a splash of rum.  It tasted like ice cream, but looked like cake, which is the best of both worlds as far as I know.

What We Liked

Everything!  We have dined at Red Sky before and they draw big crowds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night when they feature “dueling pianos” for entertainment.  The food is excellent and our server made sure that our dishes were timed perfectly so the next one arrived as we finished the course before.

What We Didn’t Like

We had absolutely no complaints.  With this kind of deal, we felt like Clark Howard as it only cost us $26 for a lot of food.  There are many things on the menu to try, so we’ll be back to check out some of the things we weren’t able to order.

If you live in the East Cobb area or can easily access Johnson’s Ferry Road near Merchants Walk, give Red Sky a try.  It gets the Friday Date Night (or is that Thursday this week?) seal of approval.

Red Sky Tapas and Bar on Urbanspoon


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