CNN Center Food Court: 9/2/11

Due to a busy cycling/travel season, date night hits the road for the next 4 Fridays.  This Friday, we are on the road to Savannah…

We don’t eat fast food, but we need food fast! We need to drive to Metter, GA after work. It’s a very busy Friday night in the ATL: The Braves are playing a home game, the Dream are playing at Philips arena, at the Dome we have GSU football, fans are starting to arrive for the Chick-fil-A classic, and tomorrow is the start of Dragon Con…can you say traffic nightmare to start the Labor Day weekend? This is how we justify visiting the CNN Center food court and each picking our own faves to go.

Just like “Alice’s Restaurant”, you can get anything you want at the CNN Center food court.  Fast food fanatics can pick from Chick-fil-A, Arby’s, Wendy’s, Blimpie, Gyro Wrap, or Taco Bell.  Want a donut, no problem, pick one up at Dunkin’ Donuts.  There is a Japanese place, a salad bar, Dantanna’s (sports bar) and a mediocre Mexican place, Don Juan’s.

The tofu bowl from Moes. It's good for you!

We find ourselves in separate food lines.  I choose a new item at Moe’s, a tofu bowl. It’s very good: black beans, rice, seasoned tofu, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and olives in a bowl. I skip the chips and it becomes a fairly healthy fast food choice.

Orange chicken and bourbon chicken with rice and veggies. You know you want a bite!

Roger selects The China Breeze, he orders “two meats and two sides” (catchy name isn’t it?), featuring bourbon chicken, orange chicken, white rice, and Chinese vegetables. It’s early and they are expecting big crowds so the food has been freshly dumped into the large square shiny steaming stainless steel serving vessels. (This blog does not charge extra for alliteration). His meal was salty and hard to eat while driving, but really – isn’t that what fast food is all about? The southbound traffic is as bad as advertised, but we are satisfied, we are together, and we are on the road to another excellent cycling adventure…oh, but that’s another blog:

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