West Egg: 1/27/12

Frequently Date Night is an adventure in eating, and I am happy to say it turned into one this week. Early in the week Roger got a Scoutmob advertisement for a restaurant that has been on our list for a while. It was an amazing offer, and although we don’t usually like to purchase in advance, this one was just too good to refuse! So after we concluded our work week, we were off to West Egg Café. Since we were headed to the West Egg, we couldn’t resist a visit to Hop City, checking out their newly expanded store and their more plentiful growler taps.

Hop City: 60 beers now on tap for you to take home

When we go, we tend to spend lots of time and money at our favorite beer store and this night was no exception! But I digress…

We are back in the West End, which Date Night has not visited since August. Our frequent readers will remember trips to LaFonda, Miller Union, and Urban Pl8 over the summer. West Egg is in a great location for us and it has the feel of a warehouse like so many of the eating locales in this area, but we believe it’s new construction.

Open room, open kitchen

In any case, it’s open and roomy with lots of large tables for bigger groups, or for family style seating as the evening progresses. There is also a large patio seating area (it’s enclosed with heaters for the winter) which practically doubles the seating capacity of the restaurant. Nothing fancy here, and that’s fine with us. When they seat you, they deliver a wood box with your silverware and napkins.

Cool glassware

They also bring water and a refill bottle of water, the glassware is an assortment of mason glasses in various sizes, and it works!

So back to the “deal”. We bought a dinner which consisted of a carafe of wine to share, an appetizer to share, a dinner entrée for each of us, a boozy shake and cookies, and 2 cupcakes (boxed to go). This is a ton of food, much more than we would normally order, but we are hungry so it all works out. We choose a carafe of French red wine and order the butter bean hummus plate as our appetizer.

Butter bean hummus. Very southern.

The hummus comes in a mason jar and is served with light and yummy crackers and vegetables. Its delicious and we are eager to take the edge off our our hunger so we dig in.

There are only 5 entrees on the menu for dinner, but we could be happy with any of them. We choose the beef short ribs with root vegetables and the chicken and dumpling pot pie.

Short ribs. Tender and yummy.

The short ribs are tender and flavorful, as they should be. The pot pie crust in flaky and perfect, the broth is a delicious soup – served with a spoon – and it really compliments the tender chicken and dumplings.

Chicken pot pie. No leftovers.

We have certainly picked winners. Originally we thought we might have lots of leftovers to take home because frequently on date night we share an entrée – but we didn’t seem to have any trouble finishing off both entrees tonight.

Our next course is dessert, and with our deal we get a boozy milkshake, not something we would normally order since we just shared a carafe of wine, but when at West Egg…Our wait person tells us that chocolate bourbon is their most popular shake. Although the coconut rum sounds intriguing, we go with the chocolate.

The milkshake has bourbon, the cookies have ginger.

It’s delivered with 4 freshly baked ginger snap cookies – they are light and refreshing and the milkshake is like having a nice kahlua and milk before bedtime. They know you are full, and they want you to sample more of their home baking, so they send us home with a to-go box of two cupcakes. One is coca cola cake and the other is red velvet cake, and we actually waited until Sunday before polishing them off with family.

Cupcakes to go. What a deal!

Date Night finds another winner in the West End. There are so many places to choose, and we have not had a bad meal in this area. We have visited Six Feet Under, JCT Kitchen, Taqueria del Sol, Bacchanalia, Pasta Figo, and Five Seasons Brewery (next door to Hop City), and have enjoyed every bite. We can add West Egg to a list of great establishments in a trendy area of town.

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