Sip (Riverside): 2/3/12

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some small bites, and Date Night is in that kind of mood this week as we set out for our latest adventure. We start a bicycle ride at the Sip in Alpharetta, so since the Riverside location is on our way home, we thought we would check it out. It’s cleverly disguised as the Post Riverside apartment complex, but we drive a long and winding road that leads to the heart of the complex (extra credit for those of you who got the Beatles reference), which contains some retail shopping and our destination for the night.

Sip is a wine bar, but our loyal readers know that we are beer people, and we are pleasantly surprised to find a nice beer selection on the menu. Before we get to the beer, Sip has those cool wine machines that dispense either a taste, half glass, or full glass of wine and charge you by what you pick. You stick a card in the machine and it rings up what you select. It was fun watching people work the machines. If you are lazy and don’t want to get out of your comfy booth, the server will bring it to you.

As we sat in our comfy booth, we wished that they had the same system for beers, but then again you would not expect that in a wine bar. We ordered a Sweetwater Festive Ale (8.6% alcohol!) and I was feeling “hoppy” and got a Terrapin Hopsecutioner. A word about the Sweetwater for those of you who like darker beer–try it! It’s nice to see such good beer coming out of our local breweries.

Beer and cheese--how European!

Since Sip features a tapas-style menu, we get to order lots of plates tonight. Our first plate is the artisan cheese platter, which comes with goat cheese, bleu cheese, a camembert drizzled with honey, and a fig spread on the side. The cheese is strong, which makes it a good complement to our beer selections.

Crawfish Spring Rolls

Our second plate is crawfish spring rolls, which taste very good, but fail to deliver on the crawfish. We have no problem with the flavor, but there’s little if any crawdad in there.

Duck quesadilla with a spicy sauce!

Next, we tackle the duck quesadilla, which comes with an apricot-habanero sauce. Beware the sauce! It lives up to it’s billing with the habaneros and is pretty spicy, so use sparingly unless you like to eat fire. It’s an interesting fusion with the duck, which worked quite nicely in a quesadilla. Then again, I think anything in a tortilla is good, so don’t go by me.

Sausage and Mushroom Risotto: A winner!

Our last small plate is a winner. The sausage and wild mushroom risotto is creamy and is infused with truffle oil. It turns out to be my favorite plate of the night.

Top it all off with an apple-cherry crumble with vanilla ice cream.

We top it all off with a dessert plate, picking the apple-cherry crumble. The chocolate-coconut pie looks good, but Date Night doesn’t want to put on too many pounds this winter, so we behave ourselves and share one dessert. It’s a great choice, and a fabulous way to end the meal. Can you really go wrong with apples and cherries?

Sip is a great place for a Date Night. The plates are portions for two, and therefore are perfect to share with a hot date. It’s easy to run up a large tab, especially if you were trying the wines, so be careful out there. Sip was on Scoutmob, at the end of last year, but we were unable to take advantage of that discount, so hopefully they will be back in the Scoutmob fold in a few months and we can go back.

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