Ormsby’s 2/10/12

It is said that one of the challenges of eating at Ormsby’s is actually finding the place. It’s a fun hunt and you feel really good when you accomplish the feat. There is no sign, but there is a sense of satisfaction when you push open the door with the fancy “O” on it. We are back in the West End (remember, it’s close to where we work), near where we ate a couple of weeks ago at West Egg. We are meeting some friends from work who are not on a date, but are such good friends that many of our co-workers think they are a couple. We are not on a double-date, but our friends are nice enough to humor us and let us take pictures of their food as well so for this week’s blog you get a double dose of Food Cam. Let’s open up Ormsby’s wooden door and see what’s inside…

Ormsby’s has two floors. You walk in on the second floor, which has a large bar, booths and tables. Because it’s early, we get a booth in the center of the action and are pleased to find a large beer menu on our table. The beer list spans four pages, which is one of the largest in this area. (The Brick Store in Decatur still has the best beer menu that we have seen.) It’s tough to make a decision, so we narrow it down to the twenty draft beers.

A wheat and a porter

I go with a Sweetwater Exodus Porter, which I have had in bottles, but not on draft. Eve goes German with a Weihenstephan Hefewizen. She’s had it before and thinks it’s like returning to an old friend.

Pretzels for four

With our beer we get an order of Guiness-dipped pretzels with stout mustard. You would think that dipping the pretzel in beer would make them soggy, but these are obviously dipped before they are cooked and come out hot and crispy on the outside, yet moist and delicious on the inside. This is plenty of food for four, and we are glad we have someone to share it with.

The catch of the day

Since we shared our appetizer four ways, we decide to get our own entrees. Eve orders the chef’s catch of the day, which is trout. As our loyal readers know, she’s a sucker for trout and her fish comes with crispy yukon gold potatoes and cooked cabbage. She gets the spicy sauce on the side.

Pot roast with lots of mashed potatoes

I go with the short rib pot roast with root vegetables and mashed potatoes. I think I had pot roast at West Egg and this is just as good. The mashed potato portion is huge and it doesn’t get finished. This is a very filling dish. We do switch plates halfway (or so) through our dinner so that we can try each other’s meal. That’s what you do on Date Night.

Guiness bratwurst. The fries were good too.

Here’s some more food for you to ogle. We didn’t try it, but it looks great. First up we have the Guiness braised bratwurst with stout mustard on a pretzel roll (see a pattern here with the appetizer?).

A hunka-hunka club sandwich

Next is the Richard, a classic club with turkey, ham, bacon, sprouts, avocado, and tomato on toasted bread. This sandwich looks like a lot to eat too. Pub fare is good because you usually leave satisfied.

Can you smell the chocolate chip pancake?

We barely have enough room to squeeze in dessert, so we tough it out and order the chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce. At only $3, it is a dessert deal and since we split it four ways, it is the perfect way to end the meal. It tastes just like chocolate chip pancakes.

Earlier, we mentioned that Ormsby’s has two floors. The “basement” level features indoor bocce ball, a big bar, darts, pool, shuffleboard and skee ball and looks like a lot of fun. When we leave after 8:00, both floors are packed and noisy. Don’t come here at night if you are looking for a quiet date, but do come to Ormsby’s for the beer, the food and the fun.

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