Flip Burger: 3/2/12

A few weeks ago, when we were having Date Night beers at the Highland Tap, we saw an interesting boast on their menu that they had the “best burger in Atlanta”. We did not eat the burgers there, but it got us to wondering who really did have the best burger in the city. When I was in high school, my idea of the best burger was lunch at The Varsity every weekend. Fortunately, we have a lot more choices now. The Counter in Roswell has good burgers as does Marlow’s Tavern. We like Yeah Burger too. Tonight, Date Night finds us at Flip Burger in search of the “best burger in Atlanta”.

Hip people, many on dates

We are at the “West Midtown” location of Flip. “West Midtown”? This is a commercial section of Howell Mill Road with a fancy name for a plain area. We are surprised it’s not called “South Vinings”. Date Night feels like celebrating tonight as we are on vacation for the first time in about four months.

Let's get the party started with good beer and fried pickles.

What better way to celebrate than with cold beer and an appetizer of fried pickles? That’s a Young’s chocolate stout and a UFO Hefe to start our festivities.

It’s easy to make a beer choice, but tough to make our burger choice. There are about a dozen gourmet burgers, with anything from beef to turkey to lamb, even something called a “faux-lafel” burger made out of chick peas. We choose one of the weekly specials, the Korean burger and for our vegetarian readers, we go healthy and get the veggie burger.

Spicy Korean burger anyone?

The Korean is made from short rib meat and has a little kick to it from the kimchi sauce that comes with it. After eating the spicy sauce on the Korean burger, the veg burger seems a bit bland, but it is a nice, healthy alternative to the traditional meat burger.

The veg burger. Bland, but good for you.

No sides are included with the burgers, and for $10, don’t you think they should throw in fries? This is West Midtown, though, and you must order your sides separately. Because we had exceeded the recommended daily dose of fried food with the pickles, we order the truffle macaroni and cheese as our side.

Truffle mac and cheese. Good stuff!

This one is a winner, better than the mac and cheese from Murphy’s, which we really liked a few weeks ago.

Our celebration continues into dessert. Flip’s idea of dessert is a milkshake, and how can you turn that down? There are six gourmet milkshakes on the menu, including a Krispy Kreme shake with donut pieces. We opt for the turtle shake, which has lots of caramel on the bottom.

The grand finale. Worth every single calorie.

We wanted to take the glass home with us to make sure we got every bit of that shake out of there. Licking the plate might be rude, but you can lick the glass and we did.

Flip was empty when we arrived (we got there early), but packed when we left. There were many people on dates, including the older couple next us and the youngsters on the other side. Have we found the best burgers in Atlanta? Probably not, but we will keep looking and we are sure we will hear from our readers about their favorite burgers in the city.

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Flip Burger’s web site.

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