Cheeky: 5/25/12

Date night returns and tonight we are feeling a little Cheeky! Cheeky just opened its third location in the Avenue at East Cobb. It’s about 2 miles from Date Night HQ so we thought we would take our solo offspring, now home from college, and check it out.

One of East Cobb’s newest eateries.

We can’t remember what Cheeky used to be, but now it’s a trendy Tex-Mex/ sports bar/ beer tasting establishment. The highlight here is the iPad controlled beer tasting tables where they allow you to pour your own and pay by the ounce.

Bad investigators–we should have sat here!

There are six long, high tables which each have 3 taps and an iPad on each end.

The perfect use for the iPad–beer tasting!

Unfortunately, we are not seated at one of the tables. While deciding if we want to change tables, we check the beer menu and discover that the beers available at the “serve your own” are different, and not as interesting (to us) as the rest of the menu, so we pass and decide to save that treat for next time.

If the pour your own draught doesn’t sound enticing perhaps the roving margarita cart (yes, they mix them right at your table) may interest you. And finally, for the non drinking patrons there is an impressive chart featuring all kinds of mixtures and combos of Coca-Cola related drinks.

Red Hare Lager (left) and Brooklyn Lager.

I order the Brooklyn Lager, a quick visit with my iPhone tells me that it’s 5.2% alcohol. Roger goes for the Red Hare Lager, it’s a lighter beer than he normally chooses, but sometimes in the warmer weather you just feel like going lighter. Both choices are excellent, and there are no regrets!

The menu is fun and whimsical and printed on a wood board.

The menu is printed on wood. Nice touch.

There are many enticing choices for appetizers and entrees. We are all hungry, so we put in an order for guacamole hush puppies. They come out fast, and are exactly what you would expect them to be. Crunchy on the outside and soft tasty guacamole on the inside!

Fried guacamole. Is there anything they don’t fry in the south?

As for entrees, Elliott orders the taco trio and makes a topping substitution (more on that later).

Taco trio. Everyone in the place seemed to order these.

Roger picks a pork carnitas burrito (he is a sucker for burritos) with the white sauce on the side.

Pork burrito, hold the white sauce!

I go with the chicken chipotle empanadas. I substitute the poblano slaw for my refried beans, each of us made a change to the menu, but only mine comes out just the way I wanted it.

Chicken empanada. Leftovers were great for lunch the next day.

One of Elliott’s tacos is prepared with the blue cheese crumbles that he had asked to be replaced with ranch dressing. Our attentive waiter notices this error as soon as the meal is served, and to his credit he immediately puts in an order for an additional taco (just the way it was ordered)! Roger’s comes without the sauce (entirely) that he had requested on the side (not a big deal, he doesn’t really miss it).

We are all enjoying our meals, the food is good and we think it’s comparable to Chuy’s (which Date Night visited in March). It’s plentiful enough for us to get a “to go” box which contains more than enough food for another meal, but perhaps the basket of chips, and the refill of the basket of chips had something to do with us feeling stuffed!

The only thing we don’t like is that the service is so quick our Date Night is over in the blink of an eye!

Date Night Extra!
Menchie’s yogurt is located in the same shopping center and since it’s almost my birthday, I have a $5 gift card to use before June 18th. I am happy to report that this is one coupon that will not expire! Menchie’s is a self serve, make your own dessert establishment where you even get to serve your own free samples!

Menchie’s for dessert. We forgot to photograph these when they were full.

There is plenty to sample since there are probably 16 different favors in addition to almost 50 different toppings! Not a recommended spot if you have a hard time making decisions, although you can have a little of whatever you like. Don’t be afraid!

A cheeky Date Night ends with full stomachs and a short drive home. Cheeky has locations in Forsyth and Suwanee, so if you live near one, go check it out.

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