Kyma: 6/29/12

“Would you like to sit outside?” the hostess jokingly asks us. It’s hot in Hot-lanta, around 105 degrees as we walk into Kyma. Our valet-parked car thermometer exaggerates a bit, but it’s a dry heat.

Other than the temperature, a beautiful day!

We are in Mega-Buckhead, where the Buckhead Bobs and Bettys ALL do valet parking.

Kyma is part of the Buckhead Life restaurant group.

We have a $25 gift card to Kyma, so why not have a good meal, and save some money? We are greeted by a phalanx of hosts/hostesses and these guys:

The lobsters keep watch as you enter.

The lobsters are actually moving in the ice. We are shown to our table and some fresh-baked bread and olive oil appear very quickly.

Excellent bread and a spicy olive oil.

Kyma (it means “the wave” in Greek) is a branch of the Buckhead Life restaurant group, the same people that bring us Chops, the Buckhead Diner, Pricci, and the Atlanta Fish Market. All are expensive restaurants that you like taking people to who you know are going to pick up the check. Kyma specializes in Greek food, and with an executive chef named Pano I. Karatassos, you have to figure that the restaurant knows what it is doing. Even the decor makes you feel like you are in the Parthenon.

Gen-u-ine Greek columns line the dining room.

Getting into the Greek mood, we order a couple of Mythos beers.

An easy pairing: Greek beer with Greek food.

This is the first time we have had Greek beer. Mythos is pretty light, but does have some taste, very similar to Stella Artois. It would not be a beer that we would normally choose, but on such a hot day, you need something a little lighter. Kyma has an extensive wine list for any winos who might prefer the grape over the barley.

It’s time for appetizers and there are a lot on the menu. In fact, you can order an entire meal of five appetizers and cheese for $30 a person. We consider doing this, but the fish looked so fresh when we came in, that we decide to order two appetizers and split an entree, which should leave room for dessert. First up, squash and zucchini chips.

Squash and zucchini chips, lightly fried.

These are a great start and are highly recommended by this correspondent. There is sheep’s milk cheese in there too. The chips didn’t last long on the plate. Next up, we decide to go “full in” with the Greek thing and get an order of spankikopitas.

When eating Greek, eat spanikopitas.

As you can see, these are perfect for sharing. They are filled with spinach and feta cheese. You get just a hint of feta in there, which is good, because Eve is not a feta fan.

It’s time for fresh fish, and we decide to split an order of red snapper.

Half order of fresh fish.

It comes with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and squash. The kitchen is nice enough to split it for us and even though each plate only contains half of an order, the presentation is wonderful. The fish is perfectly prepared and not a morsel is left on either of our plates.

We have room for dessert and are torn between the dessert sampler where you get small tastes of three, or the caramel creme brûlée, which is the special for the night. Our waiter recommends the special, so we go for that.

The special dessert, caramel creme brûlée.

Check out the presentation on this plate. It looks like a bird’s nest with an “egg” of ice cream. The “nest” is fried filo dough. I consider licking the plate to make sure that we get every bit of this dessert.

To make things even better, as we pay, we are presented with a $25 gift card for Bistro Niko that we have to use in the month of July. Hopefully, we can get there before it expires. Before we go, we should mention that the service at Kyma is impeccable. Buckhead Life employs a lot of people and their waiters are refreshingly professional. These people do this for a career, not for a side job, and the difference is quite noticeable. Our water glasses are never even close to empty and we drink a lot of water. An empty plate does not stay long on your table. If you drop crumbs on the tablecloth, no problem–someone will whisk them away with one of those cool crumb-clearing devices.

As we leave, we get a chuckle out of the fact that our car has been valet parked about ten feet from the front door. Our red Infiniti really sticks out in the sea of silver and black Mercedes parked in the same row. The valet says to me “nice color” as he opens the door. As we motor towards home, we reflect on another successful Date Night, with a $25 discount.

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