Roswell Tap/Lucky’s Burgers & Brew: 9/7/12

An early exit from downtown allows us to do another date night in the suburbs. Roger has been pushing for Lucky’s Burgers for a while (many of our cycling friends go there after their rides), so in an effort to check that one off the list, we head to Roswell for fun and food and some luck.

First stop, the Roswell Tap. A recent food review in the AJC gushed about their beer selection, so we decide to investigate. It’s been a rough week so I am really looking forward to unwinding with a glass of something malty on tap. There are at least 16 taps here and if you like hoppy IPAs, you are golden! I don’t, so my choices are limited and I settle for something “mass produced” and order the Stella Artois which is not served in a chalice.

Blue Moon served in a Leinenkugel glass and Stella not served in a chalice.

Roger, still celebrating the rare blue moon we had last month, orders a Blue Moon, a reliably good beer (albeit mass produced as well) if your choices are somewhat limited. The best part about the Roswell tap experience is the order of Guinness baked pretzels with Irish cheese dip.

Beer, pretzels, and cheese. The perfect pre-meal trio. Don’t Eve’s nails look great?

Call these puppies warm, not too salty, very tasty and and an excellent portion size that was perfect for sharing with your date. We love pretzels, and these really hit the spot.
The Roswell Tap on Urbanspoon
The second stop is a half mile away so we walk off some of the Irish cheese and arrive at a pretty crowded Lucky’s. The place is hopping during the first seating, with mostly families taking up the inside and couples on the outside. Since we are willing to sit outside we are lucky enough to slip into a table for 2 with no waiting.

Lucky’s is named after the owner’s golden retriever. Now you know.

As we look around, the Stella is being served in a chalice and the Blue Moon is being served in Blue Moon glasses. There are others on dates around us. The large lady at the table next to us complains that her burger is overcooked and proceeds to eat both burgers when they bring her another. Two tables over we notice a couple with a woman reading her Kindle during the entire meal. You can bring your dog onto the patio and we have a few of those nearby, quietly enjoying the night with us.

The menu is burgers, lots of burgers, all named after dogs. We order the “poodle chaser”(comes with brie) and the “retriever burger”(mushrooms and swiss) .

Retriever burger. Much better than the Poodle Chaser!

The burgers are served on a challah roll with lettuce, tomato and pickles and you pick french fries or coleslaw as your side. The server doesn’t ask how we want the burgers prepared, and we get the standard “medium-well”.

Poodle Chaser burger. Was supposed to have brie on it, but there wasn’t much there.

I don’t complain because I didn’t specify what I wanted. The burgers are good, but could have been so much better with just a little pink in the middle!

We skip dessert because we are too full. As we leave, they are still waiting in line at Lucky’s, and we feel lucky to have arrived when we did. And speaking of lucky, we are fortunate to be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, so Date Night might be a bit sporadic in the days to come. Stay tuned for more of our culinary adventures.
Lucky's Burger & Brew on Urbanspoon

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