Second Helping Awards, Our Best of 2013

As the new year begins, everyone is coming out with their lists of bests for 2013. Date Night has a list of places we visited in 2013 where we would like to have second helpings. And a few where we would not…

Best new restaurant: Osteria Mattone in Roswell. It’s raising the bar on Canton Street.

Osteria Mattone
Osteria Mattone

Best dishes: Corned beef at General Muir, pot pie at Allison’s, mu-shu tofu at Café Sunflower.
The General's corned beef.
The General’s corned beef.

Biggest surprises: Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth: If this place were in the ATL, it would be on everyone’s top ten list. Chai Pani: We don’t love Indian, but we were surprised at how much we liked this Indian food.
Ooh-La-La at Henry's.
Ooh-La-La at Henry’s.

Biggest disappointments: Chick-a-Biddy (so-so food), Roswell Mac McGee’s (so-so service)
We wish this food were a "biddy" better.
We wish this food were a “biddy” better.

Best chicken: Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano. They do chicken right!
Chicken Sorrento, the star at Gio's.
Chicken Sorrento, the star at Gio’s.

Best burger: Moxie Burger in Marietta. A burger with pimiento cheese and a fried green tomato? Yes!
The Moxie burger.  Yummmm.
The Moxie burger. Yummmm.

Best Italian feast: Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta. Save room for dessert!
Eggplant parmesan at Alpine Bakery.
Eggplant parmesan at Alpine Bakery.

Best pasta: Anything at BoccaLupo. Fresh pasta is one of our weaknesses.
Black squid ink pasta at BoccaLuppo.
Black squid ink pasta at BoccaLupo.

Best buffet: Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. So much better than the Golden Corral!
A small amount of the food at Caesar's.
A small amount of the food at Caesar’s.

Best BBQ: Heirloom Market BBQ in Smyrna. If only they could do something about that parking lot.
Check out the good BBQ on this plate!
Check out the good BBQ on this plate!

Restaurant that needs to move: Heirloom Market BBQ. They just spent all of their extra money opening up Sobban, so that move probably won’t happen for awhile.
Who picked this location?
Who picked this location?

Best beers: La Trappe Quad at the Brick Store. Velvet in a glass. Allagash Quad at The Wing’s Allagash beer dinner. Bourbon-infused 11% insanity in a glass.
Big, bad Allagash.
Big, bad Allagash.

Best place to drink beer: The Brick Store, Decatur. Go upstairs to the Belgian Bar if you can. Honorable mention: The Wrecking Bar in Little Five Points, and The Wicked Weed in Asheville.
The best beer bar in Atlanta is in...Decatur.
The best beer bar in Atlanta is in…Decatur.

Best smells: Insomnia Cookies in Athens. Go and enjoy!
Free smells at Insomnia.
Free smells at Insomnia.

Jazziest place: Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. The joint was jumpin’ the night we were there.
Sweet Georgia's swings!
Sweet Georgia’s swings!

Most overrated: Mixologists. You are a bartender. That’s all. Don’t charge $10 for an Old Fashioned because you decided to put in imported bitters.
A mixologist mixed this.
A mixologist mixed this.

Best pizza: Mushroom pizza at Double Zero Napoletana. And they give you scissors to cut it.
Now that's a pizza!
Now that’s a pizza!

Best food event: Southern Food Tour at the Goat Farm. A fun night featuring chefs from JCT Kitchen, The Optimist and Buttermilk Kitchen. Throw in some Monday Night Brewing and you have a fun night in a cool setting.
Fun event at the Goat Farm.
Fun event at the Goat Farm.

Most frustrating: Bloggers who don’t disclose when they are getting free food at media events. If you don’t pay for it and you review it, you kill your credibility by not disclosing the freebie.

Best people in the world: Our readers. Without you, we have nobody to share our adventures with. Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2014!

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