Table & Main: 1/31/14

Date Night has friends in town from Tallahassee, and when we need a destination location, many times we head for Canton Street in Roswell. We have covered Canton Street from end to end. From NOCA on the north end to Salt Factory on the south, we have had some great meals in Roswell. Tonight, we are towards the middle, at Table & Main.
A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a great Italian meal across the street at Osteria Mattone, which is owned by the same restaurant group. Table & Main is a converted old house with tables on the heated front porch and three small dining rooms inside.
There is a small bar to the right of the entrance. A huge patio beckons you to sit outdoors, but it’s not open on the ultimate day of January.

There’s a nice bourbon list that would warm us up, but we are beer people and we peruse the list. We are joined tonight by our good friends Heidi and Al, who are making their first appearance on Date Night. Selecting from a nice list of drafts and bottles, we go all over the country with our beer choices. Heidi gets the Allagash White, a Belgian-style single from Maine. Al stays local with a Red Brick Laughing Skull Amber.
We didn’t get a shot of their beer. Pictured above is our brews, a Monday Night Drafty Kilt scotch ale for me and an Abita Turbodog for Eve. What a country!
Cheese straws, anyone? They greet us at our table as does our server Julie, who really knows her menu and what’s on it. Tonight is one of the last nights of Roswell Restaurant Week, and there is a three-course price fix dinner for only $25. Two of us opt for the dinner, which starts off with she-crab soup.
It’s rich and creamy. Check out that large lump of crab meat in the center. We get a nice mouthful of crab with every bite. Share a bowl of this if it’s on the menu.

For our main course, there are hard choices to make on the southern-inspired menu. Al tries the shrimp and grits.
The grilled shrimp are surrounded by grits in a gouda cheese sauce. I taste the grits and really like the gouda infusion in the grits. The girls both get the same dinner. Check out the vegetable plate, which is full of seasonal veggies.
Starting at the upper left is Swiss chard. Next is sweet potatoes, with a beet “catsup”. On the bottom row is candied carrots and sunchokes in a pesto sauce. What’s a sunchoke? It’s the root of the Jerusalem artichoke, which looks like a sunflower. Now you know. What else you need to know is how good this veggie platter is. It’s huge and could be easily split as well. Another huge entree is my fried chicken.
This is chicken done delicious. If you are going to blow fried chicken calories, this is how you want to do it. The crispy skin gives way to moist bird. You get half a chicken, and with the side of citrus-infused Brussels sprouts, we could have easily shared this. We take home leftovers for a future lunch.

Dessert is included in the price fixed meal. Chocolate pudding or ice cream?
Here’s the pudding, served in a small mason jar with whipped cream and nilla wafers. It’s good, but I wish it was banana pudding because that’s my favorite.
Ice cream is on the menu too. The bourbon butter pecan has a wonderful caramel sauce that makes me want to lick Al’s plate. Would that be rude?

The Bottom Line on Table & Main: Another hit on Canton Street. With excellent food, a nice facility and a great staff, we were very impressed, and our guests enjoyed themselves. The portions are large. Consider sharing, or take some home for another meal.

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