Lunch Dates: The Peachtree Diner

Lunch dates with friends visiting from out of town can be the best lunch dates! And when they allow you to meet new babies, they can be very special, but are best when kept to a time limit. Lauren and I haven’t seen each other in almost 2 years. Eight months ago Liam was born so this is my chance to meet the baby. IMG_1451
The Peachtree Diner has a fantastic menu and isn’t usually very busy on a weekday afternoon.
It is very difficult to make a choice. I go with the soup and half sandwich combo. The homemade soup of the day is lentil and it has a beautiful combination of vegetables and lentils.
My roast beef sandwich is pretty dull in comparison. It’s a hunk of meat and a hunk of iceberg lettuce on wheat toast. I wasn’t expecting the french fries, and although they were both crunchy and tasty, I left most of them. The menu didn’t mention the fries. I would have subbed something out if I had known they were coming.
photo 2
My lunch date orders the Asiago Fettuccine. She says she is enjoying it, but when she is done, the plate does not seem less full!
photo 3
For those who have the time to linger, don’t miss the cake case in the front.
Liam is NOT to blame for me missing dessert as I usually save my dessert calories for Friday Date Night.

The Verdict: A great location, impressive and reasonably priced lunch menu, and an attentive staff. With all of the choices available, I could have done better than the roast beef sandwich.

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