Lunch Dates: Park Avenue Deli or Kwan’s Korean Kitchen?

I am meeting Stacy at the deli in the Embassy Suites on Centennial Olympic Park.
photo 3[1]
I don’t realize that it’s also a Korean Kitchen. In fact this establishment seems to have some sort of identity crisis! Things could get interesting.
photo 2[1]
Along with standard deli fare, there is also a picture menu of the Korean choices. I have limited experience with Korean food but this reminds me of Sobban (Date Night, 2/28/14) which was an enjoyable foray into the unknown.
photo 1
I choose the Crispy Tofu. It comes with a kale/pineapple salad, cabbage “kimchi” and white rice. The tofu is fresh and crispy as advertised, there is a special sauce on top which adds just the right amount of heat and flavor. The spicy slaw is so hot that I am unable to put the fire out with the white rice and I only eat one bite. Admittedly, I am a hot sauce wimp but this slaw is really HOT and my eyes are watering.
photo 1[1]
Stacy orders off of the more traditional deli menu. She goes with the chicken gyro which she says is her favorite. It’s a generous portion and she starts the meal by getting a to-go box and saving half for later. Obviously she has done this before.
photo 3
The verdict: I’ll be back. With more than one menu at the same restaurant there is much to choose from. The food is fresh and the atmosphere pleasant. It’s a little more pricey than some lunch menus, but it is in the heart of the tourist area of downtown Atlanta and sometimes you have to pay a little more to play in the big city.
Park Avenue Deli & Market on Urbanspoon

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