Lunch Dates: Miller Union

When Abbe suggested Miller Union for our lunch date I was immediately “in”!
photo 1

Having visited almost exactly three years ago when our blog was just starting out, (Date Night 7/1/11) I suspect that I am in for a treat.

The company alone is worth the trip to Atlanta’s foodie West End. Adding Miller Union is a huge bonus!
photo 2
We are eating when they open today. This gives me a chance to see the bones of the restaurant before anyone else arrives. Miller Union is visually quite pleasing.
photo 3
There is a well-appointed bar when you enter.

photo 2[1]
There is plenty of comfortable seating and the tables are grouped in separate rooms, which probably keeps the noise down during busy times.

photo 1[1]
Here is our table. Because it’s early, we will be lucky enough to have a private room for our lunch date.

Our server starts off by telling us about the house-made sodas. I do not drink the stuff, but the flavors sound so good I am almost converted on the spot!
Abbe orders a strawberry-lemon, and when it comes it looks just like an exotic cocktail. She tells me it’s terrific and offers a taste, but having nothing to compare it to, I pass.

Miller Union prides itself on serving fresh farm-to-table fare and that is evident in my beautifully prepared entree. Faithful readers of FDN know that I am a “sucker” for trout. The skin is seasoned and crisped to perfection. The fish is tender, juicy and flavorful. It’s served atop snap beans, new potatoes and tomatoes and I am in lunch heaven.

Abbe orders one of the sandwiches.
photo 3[1]
It’s roasted chicken with smoked onion jam (you can’t see the jam in this picture), aioli and arugula. It comes on a beautiful bread with house-made potato chips. Abbe is quite happy with her choice. When she is done eating, the plate contains half of the bread, which she grudgingly leaves.

Miller Union serves wonderful house-made ice cream sandwiches in a variety of flavors. We listen to the choices knowing there is no chance we will order dessert. If you are here for a special occasion, you should most definitely treat yourself.

The verdict: Miller Union has a great reputation. It has earned it, and does not disappoint. It’s in a very trendy part of town where lots of “foodies” hang out and the prices reflect it. This is not an economical lunch, and at almost 20 dollars with the tip, it’s a little more that I usually spend on a lunch date. Of course I am worth it, but I’ll try to make the next few lunch dates more cost effective.
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