Date Night Extra: Smyrna Food Truck Tuesday

Date Night likes food trucks. There’s nothing like having a “catered” dinner on a beautiful summer night. They are, however, not a good value, and we find that we spend a lot, but don’t get a lot. Smryna’s food truck Tuesday is in its third summer. The first summer, we went almost every week. Last summer, we went twice, and this is our first trip this summer. Is the food truck fad fading? Pull up a blanket and let’s find out.
We are joined tonight by our dear friends Claudia and Randy, who live a mile and a half from Brawner Park, where the food trucks park every week. After walking over from their house, we are greeted by thirteen nicely painted food trucks. Where to go? What to eat? It can be intimidating to those who don’t do this a lot.
We try a new truck which is actually reasonably priced, Flavours Curbside Cafe.
Randy snags the last rotisserie chicken dinner. He gets half a chicken, beans and rice for $9.50. As you will see, this is a deal.
Claudia goes for the chicken sandwich ($8.50). We should have made her take the top off of the bun so that you could see the avocado and bacon hiding in there.
We split the turkey sandwich (also $8.50). It’s got stuffing and cranberries and tastes like Thanksgiving on a bun. This is an excellent sandwich that you should try if this truck is in your area.

We like to order the main course from one truck and the sides from another.
Happy Belly is our favorite food truck in the city. The folks at Muss and Turner consulted with them on their menus and they make a lot of things in the big green egg.
We’ve had Brussels Sprouts all over the city, and these are still the best. Nobody has yet to come close. The Thai-based sauce is sweet and just a little spicy. We love these things.
They also make really good macaroni and cheese. There is a lot of “love” in this recipe and at least three cheeses. It’s on their kids menu, but there’s a little kid in all of us and grownups can order it too.

We spend $9 at Happy Belly, which means the two of us get a half a sandwich and split two sides for about $18. That’s a cheap dinner for us, but our son Elliott shows up a little later and orders a lamb burger from Mixed Up.
He gets two sides from another truck and a water and the entire meal costs him $18, for a burger and sides. See how fast it can add up?

Food Truck Tuesday was a lot less crowded this year than the last time we went. The weather looked threatening before we started walking to the trucks, which might have kept the crowds down. The lines were short, but constant, and a lot of items were sold out on the menus. Bring some restraint and you can keep your bill down. And bring a blanket too because you need something to sit on.

Flavours Curbside Cafe on Urbanspoon

Happy Belly Truck on Urbanspoon

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