Lunch Dates: La Madeleine East Cobb

It’s been in the neighborhood for at least 15 years, and I have visited countless times over the years. La Madeliene is a favorite spot for ladies to lunch and real estate agents to do business.
In addition to the East Cobb establishment, there are Perimeter and a Duluth locations. The drill is familiar even though I haven’t visited in quite a while: get a tray and wait in line.
The first thing you see is the spectacular desserts. I am just looking and there is so much to see.
There are salads which are made up for you fresh as you order (that’s my spinach in the bowl).
And the french classics like filled pastries and quiches.
If you order soup, they dish it up while you wait, but if you order an entree or sandwich, they will bring it to your table when it’s ready.

And who doesn’t love complimentary freshly baked bread?
If you have a hankering for something buttery and delicious like a croissant, you have to order it and put it on your tab! Nancy, my lunch companion and neighbor, orders a croissant and the french onion soup. Nancy doesn’t finish her soup. It turns out she is unhappy with the onions to soup ratio. This makes me wonder if it is ever possible to have too many onions in onion soup and warrants more research!
I order the salad sampler. I have a spinach and strawberry salad, the chicken salad and the pasta salad.
I don’t love this lunch and feel like I could have done better. The spinach salad is my favorite, the dressing is light and flavorful and is topped with toasted pecans and bacon. The pasta salad is orange because it’s in a tomato basil pesto sauce. The chicken salad is a generous portion, and the celery makes it very crunchy. I picked the chicken salad specifically because I wanted to compare it to Chicken Salad Chick, which is right next door.

The verdict: Next time I want Chicken salad I’ll go to Chicken Salad Chick, and next time I am in La Madeleine, I’ll stick to the French classics which they do so well. There is a reason this establishment has been here so long and it has to do with consistency.

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