Brunch Dates: Egg Harbor Cafe

Atlanta has evidently fallen in love with Sunday brunch. We don’t get out for brunch much, but our friend Kathy is in town and we thought we would show her around a bit. After we tell her the legend of the Holeman and Finch hamburger, which is only available after 10PM or at Sunday brunch, we decide to try our luck and see if we can get our hands on three of the elusive burgers. Arriving at Holeman and Finch, we find that there is over a THREE HOUR wait for a table. Three hours? Really? Apparently, we are not the only ones who know of the legendary burger. I pick up my brand new iPhone 6 (sorry, had to throw that in there–we are an Apple family) and say to Siri, “Brunch”. Up popped the Egg Harbor Cafe, which is 8/10 of a mile from H+F.
Egg Harbor is located in the retail section of one of those huge apartment complexes on Peachtree. It’s in good company, sitting between Saltyard and Watershed, both of which also have lines. While we wait for our table (less than 10 minutes), I can tell you that Egg Harbor has three Atlanta locations as well as a bunch in Indiana and Illinois. Think of it as J. Christopher’s on steroids.
It’s a beautiful day, and we sit at an outdoor table, which affords us a chance to people and car watch on Peachtree. The menu has a lot of choices, and we have a lot of trouble deciding. Will it be eggs, something from the griddle, a skillet dish, or a sandwich?
Kathy is from New York, and what she really wants is cheese grits. She should be happy with these as they look to have a ton of cheese in there with the grits. They are an unhealthy side order with her healthy scrambler combo, which has turkey sausage, mushrooms, spinach and onions scrambled inside.
Check out Eve’s beautiful plate. It’s the “eggceptional” (their words, not mine) skillet combo. She chooses mushrooms and spinach as her ingredients. The whole thing is topped with a sunny side up egg and comes with a side of excellent banana bread French toast. She likes the way the egg breaks into the scramble. The banana bread could be the star of this dish. It’s moist and tasty. There’s a lot of food in this combo.

Speaking of French toast, I go high-carb with the Autumn in Italy French toast.
This dish is gorgeous, and it matches Eve’s nails. Three pieces of blueberry bread are grilled and topped with blueberries, blueberry marscapone cheese and granola. If you like blueberries like I do, welcome to blueberry nirvana. Again, this is a ton of food, but it’s so good that I eat every bit of it. OK, I had a little help from my friends, but this is one of the best breakfast dishes I have had in a long time.

Sometimes the second choice winds up being a really good choice. We go out for burgers and wind up discovering a restaurant that was way off of our radar. We had an excellent brunch here, without a long wait. The next time you are looking for a wait-free brunch, skip the trendy places and go to a place where they do brunch right.

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