Lunch Dates: Reveille Coffeehouse Cafe

Most of my lunch dates are scheduled in advance, and in the calendar for a while before they happen. This date happens spontaneously. I am visiting my dad at the senior center. It’s the exciting Thursday poker game and they are in the last few hands. Dad is a big winner and he wants to take me to lunch. He has a new favorite brunch spot he has been talking about so I can’t refuse.
Reveille is located in a strip shopping center near the intersection of Sandy Plains and Shallowford Roads in East Cobb.
The shopping center is getting a make-over so there is no wider view, just this Hitchcock-esque picture of the exterior. It’s only opened for breakfast and lunch and reminds me of J. Christopher’s as soon as we walk in.
It’s bright, open and airy. And about half full, which isn’t bad for a Thursday at around noon.
They bring coffee and leave the pot, which makes my dad happy.
I am trying to explain to Dad that I need to photograph his food for my food blog. He looks at me like I am not speaking English. He is very cooperative and goes along with me, but really has no idea what I am talking about. I think he’s humoring me as he watches me arrange his coffee, creamer and pot for the picture!

My Dad loves his eggs, and he likes them poached with the yolk gushy, not solid like hard boiled eggs. He makes a point of telling our server exactly how he wants them. I must report that one of the eggs has to go back because it’s overcooked.
The grits are creamy and delicious and his favorite server, Debbie, brings them out before the rest of his food comes so that he can enjoy them while he waits. I order the Blanco, which is an egg white omelet with turkey, red onion, sautéed mushroom, white cheddar cheese and a touch of dill. I ask them to hold the onion.
The turkey in this omelet is quite salty, and the onions are not held out so I don’t really enjoy my meal as much as I could, or should.

The verdict: One poached egg was sent back, the onions were not “held” from my omelet, and the turkey was too salty. Luckily, the company was much better than the lunch.

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