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Date Night discovers some really good burgers near Cumberland Mall. Actually, we can’t take credit for this find. Our dear friend and frequent Date Night participant Randy spotted Grub Burger Bar while driving near Cumberland and went in to check it out. He came out raving about the burgers and said that should Date Night ever try Grub, he wanted to come along with his date Claudia.
Grub used to be a Circuit City. Now it’s half Grub and half Longhorn Steaks. This is a Texas-based chain that broke into the Atlanta market in the spring of 2014.
It looks like their sign needs a little maintenance. Let’s step inside and see what’s cooking.
There is a big bar to the right when you walk in. You may want to pick up a beer, because the next thing you do is wait in a line.
We get through the line in about ten minutes, but the wait would be much more enjoyable with a cold beer in hand.
Or one of these drinks. The bar is fully stocked and ready to mix. Sooner or later you will get to the counter, where you order your burger and your drinks if you didn’t get them at the bar. You can get beef burgers or “burgers that don’t moo”. There are a few small plates and salads. Fries and rings cost extra and don’t come with the burger.

We order our drinks at the counter. They are the first to come out.
Te beer is a Red Brick Downtown Brown. It’s nice and malty and is a very smooth brown ale. What is that gorgeous green drink?
Eve orders a boozy shake. The mint chocolate chip shake features vodka, creme de cacau, creme de menthe and Andes candies on top. It’s a beautiful drink, but it’s a lot more shake than booze. In fact, we can’t taste any alcohol in here at all. You might want to save the calories and a couple of bucks and just get a regular shake. You won’t miss the alcohol, because there’s barely any in there. The boozy shakes at West Egg are much “boozier”.
Here’s Randy’s Front Porch Burger. Look at those onion rings. They taste as good as they look, and I’m not big on onions.

Claudia’s burger is the prettiest plate of the night.
She gets the Jive Turkey Burger with an order of sweet potato fries. The fries have “rosemary dust” on them. Magically delicious.

Fresh off of our visit to the Publik Draft House absinthe bar, Eve orders the VooDoo mushroom burger.
They saute the mushrooms in absinthe. The burger is juicy and you can taste the licorice-flavored liquor, but it’s not overpowering. They mix brisket and chuck for their beef, which makes a really good patty. One more burger is delivered.
This is a better picture of the fries than the Guacapotle Burger, which is topped with chipotle aioli, guacamole, and cheddar cheese. Like Eve’s burger, it’s nice and juicy and the chipotle goes nicely with the guac. The bun is one of the reasons this is such a good burger. They claim they make them every hour and you can see them baking as you go through the line. They sell the buns to take home. You might want to pick up a package when you visit.

Grub considers their shakes to be a “happy ending”, but we made ours a happy beginning. Life is short–eat dessert first!

New on Date Night: We are now making foodie videos for as a video complement to the blog! You can see our Tastemade video on Grub here. Enjoy the show!

The bottom line on Grub Burger Bar: Fresh buns and juicy patties make for a really good burger. The sides are tasty too. Stick to the regular bar menu, though, and skip the boozy shakes. The regular shakes are probably just as good and have about the same amount of alcohol as the boozy one we ordered. Don’t forget to order your drink at the bar before you order your food at the window so you don’t mind the wait.
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3 thoughts on “Grub Burger Bar

  1. I really liked this place much more than I thought that I would. It broke through my burger ennui.
    Quick Tip: if the line to order is really long but you see a spot at the bar, you can order your food and eat (with that beer in hand) at the bar. No need to wait in the long line!

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