Suburban Tap

Date Night is tired, cold and hungry, and we don’t feel like going somewhere fancy tonight. We’re sure you have had nights where you just want to go and chill somewhere close to your house.
The Suburban Tap fits that bill for us. It’s just a couple of miles from our house and it’s busy, but there’s not usually a wait. The decor is neighborhood bar.
There’s lots of bar stools, televisions, and even more beer signs. They have a pretty extensive beer menu, which of course makes us happy. The beers are listed by brewer, then beer, then description. It’s funny to see something like Miller Lite described as a “carefully crafted pilsner that uses the finest ingredients to ensure rich, full-bodied beer”. Don’t worry, we didn’t order one.
When it’s cold outside, it’s time to turn to the higher alcohol, darker beers. I go with a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel from Lexington Brewery. It lives up to it’s name with a nice bourbon flavor. It’s not too overpowering, but there’s enough in there to get the alcohol level up to over 8%. Eve goes dark and local with a Red Hare Sticky Stout. It’s only 6%, but full of chocolate and caramel flavor.

The menu is bar comfort food. There’s wings, burgers, sandwiches, and Mexican fare like nachos and tacos. There’s a wing called El Guapo, which looks like it’s nuclear hot. If you eat ten of them in ten minutes, you get a t-shirt. We pass.
We go very mild with the tavern chips. They are house-made and covered in bleu cheese and hot sauce. We get our sauce on the side, which is a good thing because it’s really hot. We just need a couple of drops on each chip.

I am a sucker for fish tacos.
They come three to an order. The tacos are full of big pieces of fried fish with lettuce and salsa. This is a very filling meal as they stuff a lot of fish into those tacos. The fish is hot and crunchy, and I am very happy with this meal.

Eve, however, is not that pleased with her choice.
Maybe we shouldn’t order a salad at a bar-food kind of place. The quinoa salad is described as containing lentils, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes, which sounds good. However, someone in the kitchen might have been feeling creative and instead of the cucumbers and olives, it comes with peppers and onions, which she really doesn’t like. She manages to pick out the offending items, but the food that’s served really should match what’s on the menu. Date Night hates sending things back, but we really need to get better about sending food back that’s nothing like what is described.

You can see a Tastemade video of our meal at Suburban Tap here.

The bottom line on Suburban Tap: We wouldn’t drive here from more than five miles away, but if you live in East Cobb, it’s worth a visit if you have a bar-food craving. There’s a decent beer selection and the fried food is quite tasty. There was a line at 7PM as we left. Go early on the weekends to avoid the crowds. The sauces (all of which we got on the side) are spicy, so beware if you don’t like fiery food. Tip: sit towards the back because they let them smoke outside near the front, and every time the door to the patio opens, you smell the smoke.

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