Jerusalem Bakery

Date Night discovers some Mediterranean madness in Marietta. We are at the Jerusalem Bakery, which is located at Franklin Road and the South Loop. Years ago we used to work out at a Gold’s Gym that was located in this space, and as we enter, we swear we hear the thumping music from the step aerobics classes that we once took here.

We weren’t going to blog about our experience, but we enjoyed it so much that we changed our minds. We didn’t take a lot of pictures on our lunch date, but you can see a lot of the place in the Tastemade video that we made while we were here.

You order at the counter and wait for your food. While you are waiting, we suggest you go to the attached bakery and pick up some pita bread and some baklava. There are also cookies and other delicacies. The Jerusalem bagels are quite good. Sweeter and larger than a normal bagel, they are great when served with tuna or even Italian food, two uses we find for them.

We order two sampler platters.
The vegetarian sampler comes with hummus, babaganoush, and mixed salad. It also comes with some hot and crunchy falafel balls.
You get pita bread with the platter. It’s soft and freshly baked. Stuff it full of hummus and falafel and enjoy.

Our second platter is similar, yet different from the first.
It adds some shish tawook (chicken) and kufta kabob (lamb) to go with more hummus and falafel. The chicken and lamb are made when you order. It’s fresh, hot, and tasty.

We get ours to go and eat it at home during halftime of a recent Georgia win. This is a lot of food and we got about six meals out of it. You might want to split with a friend, or take home your leftovers. Whatever you bring home, make sure it includes baklava.
These delicious pastries are full of honey and you get a squirt of the sweet bee nectar in every bite. After the spices of the platters, you need something sweet to cleanse your palate and these fit the bill.

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