Date Night Extra: Cook’s Warehouse Champagne Brunch

A holiday Champagne Brunch is what the invitation says, and this is an offer we do not refuse! A group of at least 30 bloggers are in attendance at the Midtown location of Cook’s Warehouse.
While sipping Guyot Choppin Brut and munching on the offerings of Chef Adeline Borra, our host Mary Moore tells us about the hottest gift ideas for the season. From the $14.99 whiskey wedge (glass) to the $1500 super-automatic coffee system they have got your covered for gifts in any price range.

Mary Moore, Founder&CEO
Mary Moore, Founder&CEO

We begin with a little liquid refreshment. The champagne is private label Brut (from Sherlock’s Wine Merchant) it’s divine and goes down nice and easy in our mimosas.
We are busy socializing and shooting our Tastemade Video which you can view here and we somehow miss out on tasting the Strawberry and Basil Soup. I get a pretty picture, but can’t tell you anything else about it!
I can tell you that the homemade hummus and freshly baked bread are a perfect start to the meal. The hummus is creamy and spreads beautifully on my bread. My only complaint is that my date is so busy talking he doesn’t get any for himself and I end up sharing my portion.
Next we are eating gougeres while Chef Borra is demonstrating how to make a batch of the little cheesy puffs for us in the Cook’s Warehouse kitchen.
Our typically french meal continues with a slice of Quiche Lorraine and fall salad.
While we are savoring the taste of the fresh quiche we are amazed to see how easy it is to make.

Finally we enjoy Crepes with Strawberry and Rosemary Preserves served with Panna Cotta.
Chef Borra wows us with her crepe making and flipping skills and fills us all with a light and tasty brunch. We eat, and then we shop. It’s an enjoyable way to start a Sunday.

Full disclosure: Since this was a media event, we did not pay for our food at the Cook’s Warehouse. We did, however spend a lot of our disposable income on kitchen gifts after the brunch.

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