Date Night has dinner with the Indigo Girls! Really! We’ll have more on that later, but first, let’s check out Watershed.
It’s located in one of those mega-high rises on Peachtree that has retail space on the ground floor. It used to be in Decatur, and then moved here. Emily Saliers, one of the Indigo Girls (the one with the red hair) is one of the partners. There’s valet or free parking behind the restaurant. We always take the free lot because Date Night does not like valets.
The entrance is inside, where you can get educated before you go into the restaurant.
There’s a nice bar when you walk in.
We’ll be going to an event at the bar after we eat.
We like what they did with the joint. The decor is very classy, but not stuffy. It’s a nice dining space and we feel very comfortable in our booth. The menu has three main sections, bar snacks, starters, and mains. From the starters, we get the blue crab, crawfish, and artichoke casserole.
The large tureen of casserole comes with a couple of hunks of grilled ciabatta. This is an excellent appetizer. It’s cheesy, yet full of large chunks of seafood. The bread is an excellent medium to get the casserole to your stomach. We really enjoy this dish, but don’t lick the plate, because that would be rude.

While we are eating, Ms. Saliers herself comes into the restaurant with a party of four and sits in the booth right behind us. Half of the Indigo Girls are in the house.

We decide to split the main course.
Joe’s Jambalaya has flounder, shrimp, scallops, sausage, crawfish etoufee and a red rice croquette. While we are eating our jambalaya, the “other” Indigo girl, Amy Ray, enters and joins her friends at the booth behind us. If only we had a guitar, we could have started a very cool jam session. Back to the food, our main course is a delectable dish that goes well with our appetizer. Our only complaint is that there is not more. The dessert menu looks really good and we should have ordered something from it, but we have another event to attend in the Watershed bar.
She’s pretty and she’s southern. She’s Lauren Patrick, who writes the always-entertaining Pretty Southern, and she’s the real reason why we are here tonight. Lauren has organized a University of Georgia alumni event for the Grady College of journalism. After dinner, we grab a couple of wines at the bar (the beer list could use an overhaul) and schmooze with some fellow alumni.

The bottom line on Watershed: A great place to take a date. The space is very comfortable and invites conversation. If you prefer a more urban setting and the weather is nice, you can sit outside in their patio space. They do brunch on the weekends in case you are looking for something special. We enjoyed our food here, and you never know who you are going to see sitting in the booth behind you!

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