Spiced Right Rib House

Date Night visits a classic BBQ joint in Roswell. We have been here a few times to hear our pal Sandra play in a blues band, but we haven’t done a date night here until tonight.
You have probably driven by the Spiced Right smoker near the Roswell square. Even at night, you can see the smoke and as soon as you get out of your car, you smell the smoke. Some investigative reporting finds that the smoker in the parking lot is for show. The real smoker is in the back, but they use the same wood in both. As we will find, the wood gives the meat some incredible flavor.
It was too dark to get a good picture of the building, and we didn’t do a good job inside either. You can see much better shots of the interior in our Spiced Right Tastemade video that we made to accompany this blog entry.

We are joined tonight by our solo offspring Elliott, who likes to tag along with his parents for free food. Let’s check out the beer list.
It is hard to pick a beer as the choices here are limited to what we like to call “convenience store beer”. We are able to find a decent brown, the Shiner Bock from Texas. The Spoetzl brewery does a good job on this malty brown beer, which goes good with the meal to come.

The menu is totally what you would expect in a BBQ place. Chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket are featured. They also have smoked turkey. None of us get the turkey, but we hear it’s good. Elliott gets a combo with chicken and brisket.
The brisket and the corn soufflé are the standouts in this basket. The fried okra is pretty good too. Back to the brisket, which is moist and lean. It falls apart as you cut it with your fork. The smoker has done an excellent job on this piece of meat. The soufflé tastes like a cross between cornbread and creamed corn. It’s the best side on the menu, so don’t miss it when ordering something to go with your meat.
I also get the combo plate, which you can get with two meats and two sides. I get the brisket and ribs as my meats. We’ve already raved about the brisket…now it’s time to rave about the ribs. You would hope that a place with “rib” in its name will deliver in the rib department and Spiced Right does not disappoint. These bones are moist and meaty with the same smoky taste as the brisket. No sauce is required, but there are a few choices if you like your ribs saucy. These are the best ribs we have had in a long time.
Eve gets just an order of ribs and shares the sides with me. By the way, does anyone ever share the piece of white bread that comes with BBQ meals? Wouldn’t a little corn muffin be much nicer on the plate? There’s so much meat on her ribs that a few come home for lunch the next day unlike the poor, lonely slab of white bread that does not get touched and goes to the garbage bin. Date Night feels so wasteful.

Here’s something you might want to save room for:
The banana pudding comes in a plastic drink cup. It is worth every calorie. Share this one too as it’s a big serving.

The bottom line on Spiced Right: Good BBQ, and you don’t have to travel to the sticks to get it. Sure, you wish they had a better beer selection, but the food is the star here. The brisket and ribs are the featured attraction and you get live blues on the weekends. Try to leave some room for the banana pudding.

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