Lunch Dates: Canton Cooks

Now that both members of Date Night are retired, we do what retired people do, which is go out to lunch! We never had the time to go out when we were working, but now that we are no longer beholden to “the man”, we can go out to eat lunch whenever we want. One place folks like to “do” lunch is a Chinese restaurant because you get a lot of food for just a few yuan (Chinese money for those who don’t get the joke).
Today we find ourselves at a strip shopping center in Sandy Springs.
Canton Cooks has been here for awhile, and we are going to investigate their lunch specials. For the video enhancement to our blog, watch our Tastemade video on Canton Cooks. It’s only a minute long and is very entertaining!

You can order off of the lunch menu or from the regular dinner menu. We order some hot tea, because that’s the way we roll here.
Eve orders a lunch special, which is very reasonably priced at $7.50. The lunches are pretty “Americanized” as far as Chinese goes.
The main course comes with wonton soup and an egg roll.
This is a beautiful plate of pork lo mein. The big chunks of pork are tender and tasty. The sauce is light and not goopy with corn starch.

I order off of the main menu because duck is one of their specialties.
The war shu duck features large hunks of crispy fried duck over broccoli, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. It comes with a large tureen of white rice. The duck is moist on the inside and audibly crunchy on the outside. It’s a little salty, but I got used to is as I ate more. You can get an entire Peking duck here, which is hard to find on this side of the Buford Highway.

Somehow, we eat all of this food. And we aren’t hungry an hour later.

The verdict: Good, inexpensive and filling. For a couple of bucks more than fast food, you can get quite the feast at Canton Cooks. Don’t go on Wednesdays because they are closed. Watch out because they use MSG, so make sure you orders yours without it. Or you can have our portion and get extra MSG. However you order it, you will probably like your food.

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