Lunch Dates: Douceur de France (Marietta)

Date Night sees French people in Marietta. We are at the Douceur de France, which is located just off the square in Marietta. We like to visit French bakeries whenever we can. This must be authentic because the people here speak gen-u-ine French, without a southern accent!

We usually take great pictures of the atmosphere, but evidently we are blown away by the “shiny objects” in the bakery case today and forget to take photos. However, you will see what we are talking about when you watch our exclusive, one-minute Tastemade video and see Douceur up close and personal. We can assure you that by the time you are ready for dessert, you are going to have a tough decision on your hands.

Eve likes her soup and begins with the soup of the day, potato leek.
It’s thick and creamy, and she likes it so much that it disappears before we can photograph most of it. Aren’t those two pieces of crunchy French bread cute?

The menu is full of French classics, like quiche, crepes and sandwiches on baguettes. Eve goes classic with the quiche of the day, mushroom swiss. She’s ordering everything off of the specials board today.
The crust is light and flaky and the filling is tres magnifique! These folks know how to make quiche, and have been doing it at this location since 1999.

My chicken salad melt comes on country French bread.
This is excellent chicken salad. Combine it with melted brie cheese and you get a wonderful French sandwich. I felt like they skimped a little on the brie and it could have used a couple more slices, but this was a satisfying lunch.

You don’t want to eat too much at lunch because you must have dessert. “Douceur” means “sweet” in French, and when in France, eat dessert first and then see if you have any room left for lunch. Here’s a sample, the tigre.
Almond cake surrounds a chocolate truffle. Need we say more? Here’s another decadent dessert.
The royal chocolat has chocolate mousse over a crunchy almond paste. You also get a miniature chocolate Eiffel tower to munch on. This is rich and ever-so-chocolate-y and a lovely way to say “au revoir” to the Douceur.

The verdict: Douceur is the perfect place for a lunch date. It can get crowded, so prepare to wait for a table if you get there during crunch time. Here’s a tip: order your dessert from your server as opposed to getting it at the counter. You won’t have to wait in line that way, and believe us, there is a line of people waiting to take some of this goodness home. If you are closer to Roswell, there is a location there as well, which we can attest is just as good.

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3 thoughts on “Lunch Dates: Douceur de France (Marietta)

  1. Just a note that they may have been in business since 1999, but this location is relatively new for them. They were previously located on South Atlanta Road. I think they may have moved in the last 2-3 years. The move was definitely an improvement!

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