Lunch Dates: Nosh Table & Tap

This restaurant is so new that for now it’s only “Nosh Table” because the “Tap” hasn’t been built yet. Evidently, the tap is under construction next door. It’s a cold, misty Monday afternoon at about 1pm, and only one other table is occupied when we arrive for a nosh.
It’s a bright and nicely decorated place on the corner of a strip shopping center.
It’s always comforting and sort of inviting when you can see inside the kitchen from anywhere in the room.
IMG_2033Our server, Todd, seats us and he cannot possibly be more welcoming or pleasant throughout our entire lunch experience. As we begin to study the menu we are impressed with the variety of options. Fried chicken & waffles or peaches & (french) toast any time, small plates, salads, and sandwiches. Lots of extra credit for the clever, playfully named sandwiches. The “More Cowbell” (1 lb. double angus beef burger), the “Bob Marley” (jerk chicken flatbread), and the “Zorba” (sliced lamb and beef pita wrap) just to name a few.

I order the “Chicken Little” and add avocado.
I get my chicken breast grilled. I really liked that they put mashed avocado onto the whole wheat bun instead of avocado slices, which tend to fall out when you take a bite. The sandwich is juicy and delicious, but the nosh chips are the star of my plate: crispy and crunchy and not too salty. I would have loved them more if they came with a little ranch dressing to dip.

Roger cannot resist the Fried Chicken and Waffles.
He wishes that the waffles had stayed in the iron for another 60 seconds as they need a little more crunch. You can see in the picture that they need to be a little more golden brown. The flavor is there but the texture just isn’t what it should be.

The Bottom Line: Love the menu, the server, the atmosphere. It’s early and there is a lot of potential here. We look forward to visiting again when the “Tap” part is up and running. Take a look at the Tastemade video we made while we were visiting.

Nosh Table and Tap on Urbanspoon

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