Date Night Extra: Hops in the Hangar

Date Night grabs an invite to a really cool benefit at the Delta Flight Museum. Hops in the Hangar is an event that benefits the museum itself. We didn’t even know that the museum existed until tonight. It could be one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets.

You expect old things in a museum, but this is one of the only places in Atlanta that is big enough for old planes. You aviation geeks will know what kind of plane this is.
How about this one, which makes you wonder how they got it in here:
This is a Boeing 767. Since the plane is in a hangar, you know that the doors are big enough for it.
We really enjoyed walking through the displays that we had access to. We didn’t have access to the entire museum as we were at the event on an “economy ticket”. Only the “first class” tickets could go inside of the 767. We’ll get back to that in a moment.

There are 24 breweries represented tonight. Each brewery brings at least two beers to taste. Best of all, there are no lines, which is unusual at beer events. The tastes are about three ounces each.
Most are local, such as Jailhouse in Hampton. Others are from the west coast.
Like Uinta, which is all the way in Utah. Delta volunteers built many of the structures in the museum.
It might be hard to see from the picture, but this bar is actually made from airplane wings. Nice aviation touches abound throughout the building. The poles that hold up the portico outside are made from airplane struts.

You can see more of the museum in our exclusive Tastemade video, which you can see here.

The event is advertised as a “beer and BBQ” event. We get plenty of beer (I think we only visited about eight breweries) and live music, but the food is nowhere to be found. That’s because they are serving the food to the “economy” passengers on trays. There is no food line, and if you are lucky, you can tackle one of the poor servers and get some food.
The chicken salad was good. I had two pieces and that was it. The BBQ was from Low Country BBQ.
We each had one of these sliders. No plates, just grab one if you are lucky. And that is dinner–two chicken salad bites and a BBQ slider. There are a lot of people who didn’t get that much food. Most of us go home hungry. The “first class” passengers have their own food line and look well-fed. We hope the food issue will be addressed if Hops in the Hangar is done again.

Full disclosure: As a member of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society, my admission to the event was free. However, I brought five other people with me who paid $35 a ticket, yet had to forage for food. We did have a good time at the party, though and highly recommend a visit to this fun museum.

2 thoughts on “Date Night Extra: Hops in the Hangar

  1. Leave it to Delta to figure out a way to make it all about the more you pay the more comfort (food) you get! ha,ha….. Does look like a cool outing if museum is open to the public and they don’t fee you to death (checked bags anyone?) to get in. Thanks for the report.

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