What’s part restaurant and part music venue? Why it’s Stationside in the King Plow Arts Center on the Westside. Date Night grabs an invitation to a menu tasting at Stationside and has a fun night.


The building used to be a foundry for King Plow. It abuts to the railroad tracks behind it. You get a good “industrial” vibe here.

On the left is the restaurant, which is open for lunch Tuesdays thru Fridays. On the right is the music venue, which is open whenever there is an act that’s booked here.
The restaurant is also open on nights when there is a show. They book over 200 acts a year in this venue, so the kitchen is busy.
So is the bar. There are two of them in the music venue.
And a smaller one in the restaurant.
Tonight, they are serving wine and beer, and Terrapin from Athens is being featured.
Both beers are a little hoppy, but very refreshing. They don’t kill you with the hops. Instead, it’s subtle and drinkable without being sour.

Chef Dan Brown is here tonight. In fact, he’s cooking in the small (his description) kitchen.
There he is with the undisputed king of Atlanta food bloggers, Grant Goggans from Marie Let’s Eat. Chef Brown has put together a menu that features salads and sandwiches. We get to sample lots of them. Let’s start off with some salad and a side.
The Granny Smith Apple Salad is visually pleasing and the Kale Salad is good for you. Everything is fresh and delicious. I have a weakness for tater tots and these adobo tots do not disappoint.

Lots of sandwiches come out, and in the interest of food reporting, we must try them all. We do share to keep the calorie count down a bit.
Someone at Stationside has nice penmanship. Our guess is it’s “penwomanship”, but we wanted to show how every sandwich was labeled. Here are some of the offerings from Chef Brown. The Date Night camera is a little smudged tonight, which gives some of these pictures a “Doris Day” effect. Ask your mother who Doris Day is. We probably got some tater tot oil on it.

Here’s the Chickpea Burger. Falafel in a burger is not often seen, and we like the creativity. Eve really likes this one.

Tempura avocado? I bet it’s hard to fry up.
You can get an order as a side.

Here’s some more of the sammies.
From left to right we have the Turkey Sandy (with avocado, arugula, cheddar, bacon, tomato and onion, followed by the Waldrep Farms BBQ Pork with jalapeƱo, and La Cubana, with pork, ham, provolone and pickles. Chef Brown uses as many local products as possible in his food.

Take a look at our exclusive Tastemade video to see what Chef Brown recommends as the one sandwich you should try at Stationside. Here’s my favorite sandwich of the night, the Korean Fried Chicken.
Kimchi tops the fried chicken, which is tender and nicely cooked. I was expecting spicy, but it didn’t blow my sinuses out. Make sure you get this when you go.

As we leave, we are presented with a whoopie pie.
A whole basket of them, but we only take two. The dessert treats are gluten-free, which means they have no calories. What’s that…oh–they have no wheat. We couldn’t tell the difference. They are full of chocolate and have a cream cheese icing in the middle. Pastry chef Tyler Hill makes other gluten-free desserts and we hear they are as good as the whoopie pies.

The verdict: These are great gourmet sandwiches. Chef Brown is cooking up a storm. If you work near King Plow, pop in for lunch. If you are going to a show here, come early and have some dinner and a drink at the well-stocked bar in Terminal West. They are open until the main act starts.

Full disclosure: This was a media event and Date Night did not pay for the food or drink described. Our words, however, are priceless. Thanks to Kendall Griffy of Green Olive Media for the invitation and to Trent and the staff of Stationside for being so friendly and accommodating to our group.

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