Lunch Dates: Tom + Chee Kennesaw

It’s a cold, rainy day in April, and what could be better on a day like this than some old-fashioned comfort food? Date Night finds just the place to get a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup.
It turns out that April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Yes, you heard that here first. To celebrate, we are in Kennesaw at the first metro location of Tom + Chee, a franchise out of Cincinnati. There are two more in the area: one near North Point Mall and another in Buford.

The concept is pretty simple.
Belly up to the counter and either pick one of the “Fancy Grilled Cheeses” on the menu, or build your own. There are three soups every day, the classic tomato, chunky tomato basil and the creamy tomato basil. There’s also a soup of the day. Today, it’s beer cheese soup. Which do you think we picked to share?

After ordering, the boys in the kitchen take over.

Less than five minutes after we order, our food appears at the table.
Those of you who guessed that we went for the beer cheese soup win a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat. The soup is creamy and decadent. As we eat it we can feel our cholesterol count grow. We don’t care, as it’s an excellent soup.

When we ordered, we asked what the most popular sandwiches are. We order one of each from the fancy grilled cheese part of the menu. First up, the “Flying Pig.
This is more of a turkey sandwich than a grilled cheese. They grill turkey, bacon and gouda together on white bread. The meats are made in-house and are so much better than the junk you get at certain chain sandwich emporiums that are named after underground transportation systems.

Eve goes much more traditional with the “Tom-Chee”.
Tomato is grilled with mozzarella, and cheddar on white bread. They add garlic seasoning, which I didn’t like (I am not a garlic fan) and Eve tasted for the rest of the day. Eve enjoys the sandwich, but feels guilty that she is eating all of that white bread.

You can build your own with a variety of ingredients and bread that is better for you. You can also add potato chips to your sandwich for extra crunch. Something else we didn’t try (and couldn’t find anyone eating while we were there) is the grilled cheese donuts. Can you imagine the decadence? Evidently the sandwich has been seen on TV. I would have liked to see one on a plate.

See more of the restaurant in our exclusive Tastemade video. You really should watch these things. The food comes alive and Eve is very entertaining.

The bottom line on Tom + Chee: A great place for the perfect comfort food lunch. They are open for dinner, but you probably want to go here for a lunch date. Forget about the calories–it’s very tasty. By the way, you can get a salad here if you have incredible willpower, but really? That would be like ordering a burger in a seafood joint. It just isn’t right.

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3 thoughts on “Lunch Dates: Tom + Chee Kennesaw

  1. Fun review! I always love beer cheese soup.
    For a true taste of Cincinnati, add Goetta to any grilled cheese or get the Armagoetta. It might be the only place in the Atlanta area that serves that Cinti staple.

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