Rivertown Coffee Company, Florence, AL

Date Night begins our Florence Restaurant Week coverage with a stop for breakfast. We are about to go on a 37-mile bike ride and we need some fuel to get us ready to pedal.
Rivertown Coffee Company is a hip, happening spot. The decor is totally “coffee house”.
There is funky artwork on the walls, which you can buy if you want. Like most coffee houses, you belly up to the coffee counter and order.
We are tea people and get a Zen and an Awake from Tazo. These should get us through the ride. Or at least make us have a bathroom break fifteen minutes into it!
It’s tough for us to speak about the coffee here, so let’s let the people of Florence do the talking. It’s about 8:30AM, just before all of the government and financial offices in downtown Florence are about to open. There is a steady stream of people coming in for the entire time we are here. It’s easy to say that the “line was to the door” because only about four people in the line would reach the door. It’s obvious that the patrons are regulars and they really like what they get here.

There is a table of about six police officers gathered in the other room. We feel very safe during our meal. Speaking of the menu, let’s order. There are five breakfast items on the menu. You can get the egg dishes as sandwiches or as omelettes. We try two of the egg offerings, starting with the Daybreak.
You can get it on wheat, sourdough, a bagel, or an English muffin. We get ours as an omelette, saving those bread calories for later. Folded inside the eggs are turkey, white cheddar cheese and spinach. It’s a hearty dish, but the turkey is way too salty. We kept looking at it wondering if they put ham in by mistake. It looked like turkey and tasted like ham. The dish would have been much better without the turkey. Next time we will go for a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

We like the black bean breakfast wrap much better.
They get style points because this is a good looking breakfast dish. Wrapped in the tortilla are black beans, eggs, corn, tomatoes, and guacamole. There is cheese in ours, which wasn’t on the menu, but added a lot to the dish. The chef must have been feeling creative.

The bottom line on Rivertown Coffee Co.: It’s where Florence fuels up for the day ahead. The coffee is a hit with the locals and that black bean breakfast wrap is a winner. There is an excellent selection of sandwiches and wraps for lunch as well if you are there later in the day.

The food at Rivertown Coffee Company comes alive in our Tastemade video, which you can watch here.

Disclosure time: Since we are guests of Florence Main Street, we did not pay for this meal or for our hotel room in Florence. Thanks to Christina for the invite and to the Marriott at the Shoals for the excellent hotel accommodations.

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