The Best Apple Pie in the World?

Date Night is on an extended road trip, and part of our trip takes us to Amsterdam, the home of Heineken, hashish, and hookers. It’s all legal here, and we are proud to say that we have not partaken in any vices during our visit. Something that caught our eye was a claim by a restaurant named Winkel 43 that they have the best apple pie in the world. How can that be? What’s more American than apple pie? Let’s see if this Dutch apple pie lives up to its billing.
Winkel is situated near a former working-class neighborhood in the central part of Amsterdam. It’s about a mile away from the crazy bars and other naughty things in the red-light district, making things rather quiet around here. We usually share dessert, but not tonight. We are going to investigate this together and each order our own.
We get it with fresh mint tea, because that’s what all the cool kids in Europe are drinking right now. The tea is so hot that you can’t pick up the glass for about ten minutes. It’s nice and refreshing, though, and if you like the taste of fresh mint, see if you can find this at your favorite watering hole.
But we digress…this blog entry is about the pie, not the tea. Is it the best in the world? We don’t want to start an international incident while we are are here and will say that it’s certainly the best in this part of the world. It’s part cake and part pie. The crust is apple cake-like and the filling is what you are used to in an apple pie. They add raisins to spice things up a bit. We really enjoy this dessert and you probably will too. After all, everyone loves pie, no matter what country you are in.

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