Taqueria Del Mar: Too Many Kids!

Date Night finds ourselves finally reviewing our first restaurant in Norcross. We don’t get out here a lot, mainly because it’s not a geographically-desirable area from our home in Marietta. However, it’s a Sunday afternoon, and after we watch our son play roller hockey at a nearby rink, it’s time for dinner. Sure, he’s 23 now, but we still like to watch his sporting events. And take him out to dinner afterwards. Anyway, a quick check of Trip Advisor shows that Taqueria Del Mar is the top-rated restaurant in Norcross, and we pop on over.
It’s located in one of those non-descript, cookie-cutter shopping centers that line every suburban byway in Atlanta. The decor is pretty simple, with concrete floors and plain tables. There are a lot of families with small children here, which, as we shall see, is not a good thing, unless you have a family with small children.
There is a cool graphic on the back walls of all of the Peachtree streets in Atlanta.
This goes well with the fact that the restaurant is located on Peachtree Parkway.

Shall I go into my rant about kids in restaurants? No, let’s wait and have a basket of chips first.
These get delivered as soon as we sit down. We order some guacamole to give us something else to dip them in.
This is good guac. It’s got just the right amount of kick and is enjoyed by all three of us.

Now that we are filling up on guacamole, let’s take a look to see what’s going on in the restaurant. At 7PM, there are kids everywhere and evidently, recess has begun. They are running between tables. They are screaming and chasing each other. It’s overall bedlam and we are not really enjoying the scene. What’s with these parents? Our kid never did this in a restaurant. Two of our worst restaurant nightmares have happened on our last two dates. Last week, we couldn’t hear ourselves in Lusca. This week, misbehaving children are going to ruin this meal.

Meanwhile, back at our table, we’re in a taqueria and all of us feel that tacos are in order. There are many to choose from and you could eat here a few times without repeating yourself. And the tacos are very creative. Let’s take a look at some of our food. We call this “taco porn”, so beware. First up, Eve’s short rib taco along with an oyster po’ boy taco.


The fillings really are excellent in all of our meals. Here’s another plate, Elliott’s braised pork shoulder and a shrimp po’ boy (the one in the front).

I must be hungry because I order three tacos.
The ahi poke taco is the special tonight and I give it a try. It’s the one in the crunchy corn tortilla shell. It’s a little strange eating a taco with a cold filling, but the ahi is tasty and it’s an interesting taste sensation to eat the raw fish like this. My other two are a spicy shrimp bang-bang which makes me sweat, and a chicken filet taco that tastes just like a Chick Fil-A sandwich. Add in the chips and guac, and I have had way too much food. Unless you are starving, you can definitely order two tacos and get filled up.

The bottom line on Taqueria Del Mar: We can see why this is the top-rated restaurant in Norcross. The tacos are wonderful, the prices are very reasonable, and our server did a good job too. She knew the menu and steered us in the right direction. However, we suggest you go on a weeknight when the kids may not be around. You will have a much better dining experience. And if you are one of those parents who lets their child run around restaurants so you can get a few moments of peace, shame on you. The only way your offspring is going to learn to eat out correctly is if you teach them. So put away your iPhones and pay some attention to your kids.

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