Oy! We Overindulge on Yumminess

Atlanta is becoming a brunch town. Try to go out for brunch on a weekend and you will be greeted with big crowds and sometimes long waits as well. We once went to Holeman and Finch and were quoted a three-hour wait. We didn’t hang around. We’ve hit a few chains for brunch (J. Christopher’s, Egg Harbor Cafe and First Watch) and today, we hit a locally-owned place in Smyrna/Vinings (Sm-inings?) that is known for its portion sizes.
It’s a nasty day and we need comfort food. Drive past the Home Depot on Cumberland Blvd. and you are in the right place. Oy! (as in “Overindulgent Yumminess”) is in one of those faceless shopping centers we have come to expect in suburbia. They are only open from 7AM-3PM, which means you can get breakfast, brunch, or lunch here. Imagine the possibilities.
You order at the counter, where large, menu-featuring TV monitors face you when you enter. There is hard copy if you wish to hold a menu. There’s a lot of choices and you might want to pre-read the menu online. If there’s no line, you are going to have to make a choice under pressure. “Mama Sherry”, whose creations are featured on the menu is actually working the counter line today, available for anyone who has questions. We stumble and bumble through our choices and then we go and find a table.
We are joined today by our dear friends Claudia and Randy, who have graced the pages of Date Night on many occasions. This gives us a chance to get even more food pictures, and their presence guarantees that we are going to have a good time.

Oy! is busy on this dreary day.
The energy in the room is a nice contrast to the gloominess outside. Empty tables are hard to find. Many servers deliver the feature items on the menu including burgers (singles, doubles, or triples), mountains of fries (over two pounds!), giant omelettes, and extreme twelve-inch pancakes. Just pretend that everything is good for you and low-fat. Otherwise, you aren’t going to enjoy your overindulgence. The guys go extreme. The girls are smarter and order more sensible food. Let’s start with Randy’s bacon pancake.
It’s a giant pancake filled with bacon. After all, bacon makes everything better. You can’t tell how big it really is, but think medium pizza size since it comes on a pizza plate. Everything at Oy! comes on pizza plates. It’s probably the largest plates they can find. Eve orders a mini-pancake, the blueberry.
Here it is compared to its larger sibling.
The nice thing about this pancake is that it’s full of fresh blueberries.
Nothing is frozen, and the blueberries make the pancake delicious. By the way, if the pancakes aren’t big enough, you can double or triple your stack.

Or you can order a side dish of sweet potato hash.
Randy gets this and we all try some of it. It’s quite good and has some peppers and onions in it, which tempers the sweetness of the yams.

Unlike the rest of us, Claudia won’t go into a carbo-coma later today. She wisely chooses the Farmer Omelette.
We are not sure how many eggs they use in an omelette, but this one covers half of the plate. And it was a small! We do know that this is stuffed with spinach, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper and cheddar cheese. Claudia enjoys her eggs, noting that they nailed the ration of egg to filling.

Finally, I order the Decadent Challah French Toast Casserole. It’s another one of Mama Sherry’s specialty recipes. She must not eat a lot of it, because she is pretty svelte. Jewish grandmas are like that. They push the food, but never eat it.
I love bread pudding, which is why I liked this dish. It’s a giant order of dessert, yet it was my brunch. Add the caramel sauce on the side and you have quite the treat. Sure, I was sleepy for the rest of the day (a nap cured that), but this is worth it.
The bottom line on Oy!: We should give them the Date Night “Truth in Advertising” award. Everything here is overindulgent. And everything had yumminess. Therefore, “overindulgent yumminess” is the perfect description of this restaurant. Go hungry. Skip a meal before you eat here. You don’t want to take this stuff home, so eat as much as you can and waddle home. Or share with your date, which is only half as fun, but probably the healthier choice.

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