Kiosco: A Taste of Colombia

Take one look at our pal Mags McDee and her flaming red hair and you would never know that she is a lover of Colombian food. She’s the person who led us to La Carreta and she’s been wanting us to try Kiosco for some time. On a cold night in December, we brave the elements and head over to the square in Marietta. It’s so cold that they are ice skating on a very small rink in the square. Has Marietta frozen over? You will find Kiosco in a small building a couple of blocks off of the square.
A Date Night investigative report finds that the dining room only holds 25 people, plus another three at the bar. We know this because it is small enough to count.
We are smart and make a reservation in advance. You might want to do that too. There are a lot of regulars and everyone seems to have been in before. We are one of the only tables that the owner doesn’t seem to know, but he comes over and chats us up, and he might know us the next time.

The wine list and beer list are pretty small, but you will want to go straight for the sangria. Red, white, mango or peach–there are a lot of choices. We go with the red.
It’s fruity, yet not too sweet, and as a bonus, it’s made right here. It comes in a nice-sized glass that lasts through our whole meal. You can get a pitcher as well, but that would have been too much for us as we are lightweights.

You can order individual appetizers, or you can go big and get the mini picada, the appetizer platter for two. “Platter” is not an exaggeration.
We could have just eaten this for dinner and have walked away happy. You get all six appetizers on one plate. It’s a great way to sample everything on the app menu. The larger pancake-looking discs are fried green plantains. There’s sausage towards the top, pork rinds in the middle, fried yucca and sweet plantains. There are also meat empanadas buried under the pork rinds. Everything on this platter is good. Our favorite is the sweet plantains. The pork rinds are an interesting take on pork belly, but a little chewy.

Your dinner comes with a soup or salad. We tried one of each, because we like to share.
Lentil soup is nice on this cold night. The garbanzo bean salad features slightly cooked carrots and some onion. We liked the soup better.

We always like paella, and when we see that there’s a paella for two on the menu, we jump right in. Here’s the mar y tierra (sea and land):
Under that giant serving of rice is clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari. There’s also a lot of carne asada for you meat lovers. We get two more of the excellent sweet plantains as well as avocado and a polenta cake. I usually feel like there is too much rice in paella and not enough of the good stuff, but this dish delivers a lot of fish and meat to go with the rice carbs. It’s a lot of food after that huge appetizer, and half of it comes home for lunch the next day.

You could roll us out the door to our car, but fortunately we are able to walk after all of this excellent Colombian food.

The bottom line on Kiosco: Good things come in small packages. It’s tiny, but they are serving dishes that are huge in flavor. The staff is very friendly and our server did a fine job. Don’t miss that appetizer platter. Make a reservation and your table will be waiting for you when you get there. Then go stroll the Marietta square and walk off some of that excellent Colombian food.

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5 thoughts on “Kiosco: A Taste of Colombia

  1. Margaret and I always enjoy this restaurant….excellent food, great friendly service and a fun atmosphere. Only down side is the room can get very loud when all tables full.

  2. I’ve been dying to try this place out. Turns out a friend’s friend/family owns the place. Your post has finally pushed me to go check it out!

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