Everything is OK at the OK Cafe

Back in December of 2014, there was a bad fire at the OK Cafe, about six weeks after our lunch correspondent visited. The West Paces Ferry crowd wept.

Before the fire...
Before the fire…

Date Night just happened to be at the right place at the right time and we snapped some exclusive photos of the conflagration.
After the fire...note the burned out roof.
After the fire…note the burned out roof.

The fire didn’t look that bad, but for the next nine months, the building sat, charred and scarred from the flames. Finally, they reopened in October of 2015. Tonight, Date Night visits the Buckhead landmark again to see what has changed since the blaze.

The answer–not much. The popularity of the place has not changed. We arrive at the “uncivilized” hour of 5PM and there’s already a wait.
The sign still works–the camera didn’t like the LED readout.
The interior is mostly unchanged.
Apparently money still grows on trees here, which makes sense if you look at the real estate prices in the area. They added counter seating near the money tree, which the old building did not have.

As far as we can tell, the menu is about the same. This is good, southern comfort food. You don’t come in here to eat healthy. You just come in here to fill up and enjoy the meal. Check out the all-local beer list at only $3.99 a pop. We’ve got special guests with us tonight, our solo offspring Elliott as well as Eve’s dad and two of her cousins. Most order the same thing. Let’s see what’s on the table.
What is more comforting than a meat loaf sandwich? You can’t tell from the photo, but this thing is huge. Bring an appetite if you order one. Although the fries are probably frozen, they are hot, crispy, and just a little bit salty.

The stuffing that comes with the turkey plate is a bit salty too.
The turkey is nice and moist and comes with all sorts of sides, like carrots and collards.
We wind up with too many sides when our server screws up the order, but it just gives us more things to sample. You will wonder how they get the carrots to be so sweet. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, the sliced tubular, orange discs are the favorite side of the night.

My chicken pot pie is the star of tonight’s meal on presentation alone.
Does it really say “OK” on the top? How do they do that? The pastry is flaky and flavorful and covers a creamy sauce full of chicken, carrots and peas. You will want one of these on your table when you eat here.

Dessert is tempting, but after all of this heavy food, we are full. There are certainly enough choices. Maybe next time.
The Bottom Line on the OK Cafe: Everything is A-OK. It’s like visiting with a good friend who went out of town for nine months. The place is still jumping and the food is just as good as it always was. Be prepared to wait, but usually it’s pretty fast. There’s a tempting to-go area if the lines are too long.

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