Lunch Dates:  The Red Eyed Mule

Every now and then, Date Night stumbles into a place where the food is good, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the building. Today we find such a place near the square in Marietta.

Besides the large parking lot, you would never know there is a restaurant here. There’s a small sign on the side of the building, and that’s about it.    And a decked out truck way in the back.

Evidently, Food Network celebrity and sometimes Marietta resident Alton Brown eats here.  So do our pals Mark and Debbie, and that’s why we are checking it out for lunch.  They are only open until 2PM, and you can get breakfast here too.  We bet the biscuits are good. 

It’s really just an old-fashioned grill. There’s a steady stream of people the entire time we are here. Our server, whose name happens to be Eve (how many times do you get two people named Eve in the same room?  Think about it.), is patient and guides us thru the menu, which is burger-centric. 

I get Jimmy’s Sloppy Slaw burger with fries.
It’s a decadent sandwich that’s greasy, messy and tastes great. That grill can make some good burgers.

If you are lucky, this will be the special.
The fried green tomato BLT is better than the burger. They don’t always have this, but if they do, forget the calories and go for it. Crispy fried green tomatoes and a boatload of bacon are topped with that slaw. Lucky for me, my date shared and I got half of the sandwich. As for the side of sweet potato fries, you can’t go wrong with those. We are sure that the fries are frozen, but they are cooked up nice and crisp.

Desserts? Nah. Beer? Nope. They keep it simple here. If you are looking for a good and inexpensive lunch, saddle up the Red Eyed Mule. It’s off the beaten path, but you will be glad you found it.

The Red Eyed Mule Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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