Two Birds Taphouse: Twice as Nice in Marietta

Date Night is back and better than ever.  Where have we been?  Well, we got that travel bug and decided to ride our tandem bicycle across the United States.  We began in San Diego on March 4th and finished in St. Augustine on April 24th, 52 days later.  We know that some of you read our travel blog, but if you didn’t we did a blog post every day.  You can read every single one of them at

Let’s get back to food blogging on a double date with our East Cobb dining buddies Stephanie and Bill, who we go restaurant exploring with about once a month when everyone is in town. We are just off the square in Marietta, on a dark and stormy night in the county seat of Cobb. It’s too rainy to take an outdoor shot, but they do have this cool sign indoors.

There’s lots of fashionable wood and metal inside, which makes for a warm, but loud interior.
The place is hopping tonight. Evidently, it’s trivia night, which can be annoying if you aren’t playing. We did not play, but we were able to feed some answers to the youngsters at the next table who were not hip to the pop culture references of the older generation.

As always, we like to start the party off with a craft beer. There’s a good list here, mostly local.
Aren’t they beautiful? From the left, we have Gate City Copperhead (Roswell),
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Nitro (Atlanta), Reformation Cadence (Woodstock), and Allagash White (Portland, ME). So good and so local, except for the Maine-brewed Allagash, which is one of the best whites we have found.

The menu is southern-inspired and strives to use local when possible.  OK, so maybe the Calamari wasn’t so local.
It’s not from around here, unless they are farming squid in Lake Lanier. They aren’t, but this is one well-fried dish. The breading is light and the dish is not greasy at all.

The cheese board is much more local, using Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses from Thomasville, GA.img_4662
Included on the platter are a Tomme with maple thyme relish, a Green Hill with a blueberry compote, and an Asher Blue with charred chili honey and walnuts. Top the whole thing off with Holeman and Finch crackers, and you have quite the appetizer.

Different H&F crackers make an appearance in Eve’s dish, the Li’l Pot of Chili.img_4665
This chili is so good that you will wish it was a bigger pot.

Here’s a dish that I would like to have again, the Caldo de Carne.
They combine pot roast, sticky rice, avocado, radish and potato, and cover it with a hot broth. It’s like a giant stew. This is the special tonight, and I would guess that it might not be on the menu when you go, but if it is, make sure you order it.

Stephanie gets the Hot and Sassy Chicken Sandwich. Bet you a dollar that’s a Holeman and Finch bun.
It features Springer Mountain chicken with an avocado dressing. The spice is in the chicken.  Is she sweating?

We should show you Bill’s burger because it’s so pretty.
Is there anything better than a fried egg on top of your burger? I think not! And it makes for such good food photography. Sure, it costs a dollar extra, but you are worth it.

The bottom line on Two Birds Taphouse: It’s just what the Marietta square needs. The food is good, the beer is good, and the crowds are good. Get a few more restaurants with this quality of cooking in Marietta, and we are going to have a foodie destination as good as the Decatur square. If only The Brick Store would open up a branch on this side of town…

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