Muss and Turner’s: Good Eats in East Cobb

Back at the end of 2013, the Muss and Turner’s folks opened Common Quarter in East Cobb as a spinoff of their main restaurant in Smyrna. We liked Common Quarter, but they totally botched my order of meatloaf. Not that I hold a grudge or anything. Anyway, three years later, the crowds at Common Quarter have vanished, and the sign has come down to be replaced by…wait for it…Muss and Turner’s. Which makes you wonder, “why didn’t they just call it Muss and Turner’s in the first place?”

The footprint is similar to the old place, but things are much brighter and a lot less formal.

The dining room is a bit smaller.

That’s because they have knocked down a wall and opened up the kitchen.

There’s still a nice bar available.

And patio seating, which is what we choose tonight.

Here’s what we really miss about this location–Eleanor’s. The “secret bar” at the back of the Smyrna restaurant is not here. Or is it and it’s just a secret? We asked and were told that there are no secrets here. Too bad. We really like Eleanor’s.

The beer list is good and local, but because of Eleanor’s, the Smyrna location has better beer.

In a rare development, we go for the same beers, the Eventide Kolsch. It’s getting hot out, and a light, refreshing kolsch is the perfect antidote for thirst.

The menu is fun with a lot of sandwiches in a General Muir kind of vibe . We notice matzo ball soup at decide to split a bowl.

So…what’s wrong with this picture? Matzo ball soup usually comes in a much lighter chicken broth. The broth is so dark that we think it’s beef stock, not chicken stock. We continue the discussion for a few minutes when a manager comes over and asks how the soup is. When we tell him that it’s way too dark, he agrees and decides to take it off our check and take it off the menu for the night. That’s pretty good quality control.

They make their burgers in a Big Green Egg, just like at the Smyrna location. You can’t smell these as you walk in, though because the egg must be around the back.

This is a good burger. It’s probably one of the best in this area, although I think Moxie burger is better. Your burger should come with fries. They are a side order here, but worth it.

Look at these beauties. Fresh, hand cut, and they have never come near a freezer. This is the way fries should be.

And this is a delicious Reuben sandwich:

There’s a lot of corned beef in there. The bread is great, and perfectly crispy on the outside. In each bite, the taste of the beef, sauerkraut and cheese meld together to make a wonderful sensation in your mouth. My date is very happy with her choice.

We don’t have room for dessert, but Muss and Turner’s tempts you with sweets.

I wanted a cookie, but passed. How’s that for willpower?

The bottom line on Muss and Turner’s East Cobb: Almost as good as the original. We like the space and the airy patio. We also like it better than Common Quarter. If only it had a secret bar…

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