Digging Into From the Earth Brewery

Beer. ┬áIt’s what’s for dinner on tonight’s date. Have you noticed that some restaurants that make their own beer have really good beer and so-so food or vice versa? The worst is those that have bad beer and bad food! Tonight, Date Night finds a brewery in Roswell that delivers in both the kitchen and the ale house.

We are on the endless shopping center known as Holcomb Bridge Road. Does the brick and mortar ever end? From the Earth is visually pleasing, with lots of wood and metal in the decor.

The star of the decor is the brew house, where the magic is made.

It goes from the brewery, to the taps…

And right to our table.

Our lesson for the night: it’s really hard to photograph two flights of beer next to each other. The beer selection rotates depending on what’s cooking in the kettle. We try almost every beer on the menu, even the triple IPA at 9.4%. For $9, it’s a great way to see what you like. I liked the Belgian Tripel the best. Eve liked the Golden Spiral Ale. They say these cute glasses are five ounce pours, but our guess is that they are really four ounces. Next time we are bringing a measuring cup.

The beer is well-crafted. There is something for most beer palates. Let’s see about the food. We are joined tonight by Date Night fans Stefanie and Bill, so you will see a few more food shots than normal. We go a little appetizer-crazy to put something in our stomachs while drinking all of this good beer. There are two things we really like, house-made chips and pretzels.

Someone in the kitchen knows how to use a mandolin. At least we think he/she does as we found no finger parts in these thinly-sliced chips. They cover them with bacon and bleu cheese, and because they are gluten-free, they must be good for you. Or not.

Pretzels with your beer? From the Earth has you covered.

These come with IPA mustard-cheese sauce and are excellent. We like the different take on the pretzel shape.

The mixed olives are a nice touch.

They jazz them up with olive oil and fennel.

The menu can be described as gastropub-centric, with burgers, sandwiches, and about seven entrees. We are pretty full by the main course, so we decide to split the salmon BLT.

And we add a side of sprouts.

The sandwich is different because the “B”, or bacon, is pork belly. Pork belly is the new bacon. Same meat, different cut. They promise crispy pork belly on the menu, but this is not very crisp. My date did not like it, but pork belly fan that I am, I ate hers as well.

The bottom line on From the Earth Brewing: Roswell has plenty of breweries. Perhaps there are too many, but that’s a discussion for another time. However, Roswell only has one place where you can get good food with your house-brewed beer, and From the Earth is it. We wish we lived a little closer, but From the Earth is worth sitting in traffic for. (It took us 10 minutes to drive the 2/10 mile over Hwy. 400 on Holcomb Bridge. Average speed: 1.2 MPH.) If you live anywhere nearby, you should get in and see what’s coming From the Earth.

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