We Are Back for 2020!

Happy New Year from your pals at Date Night.  The thousands of emails we get each day have the same theme: where have you been?  Well, back at the beginning of March we decided to downsize Date Night Headquarters and move near the Marietta square.  Then we went to Europe for six weeks.  Shortly after, we went to California for seven weeks.  It has been a crazy year and food blogging has been put on the back burner.  (See what I did there with a cooking reference?)

Our new digs are within walking distance to many restaurants on the square.  Because we live in a walking neighborhood, we are going to pivot a bit and become more “Marietta-centric”, concentrating on the myriad of places we can walk to. There are over ten in the Marietta Square Market alone. And we will have a lot more lunch dates, because we go on a lot more lunch dates. We’ll swap beer for iced tea, because that’s what people who lunch drink in the south.

If you didn’t know, the Big Chicken is a thing in Marietta.

You will see more of it in upcoming posts. This is a happening place. We have visited restaurants on both sides of the tracks.

Now that we are back to blogging, we’ll go back with our iPhone 11 cameras ready to shoot some great food photos. But we won’t go back to Johnnie McCracken’s. That place is simply terrible.

We published our first Date Night post in June of 2011. You can read it here. A lot has changed in the food blogging world since then. Bloggers have become “lifestyle influencers”, trying to make money with overly effusive praise of the free food they get and the free weekends they finagle at hotels . (Word of advice to lifestyle influencers: free food and lodging does not pay the electric bill. Get a real job, and work on your retirement plan.) You don’t have to worry about Date Night selling out. We are already retired, and since we are D-list bloggers, we don’t get invited to anything!

So cheers and Happy New Year to you, our loyal readers. Look for new reviews from Date Night shortly after 2020 begins!

One thought on “We Are Back for 2020!

  1. Welcome home! To your ‘new home’ especially. Can’t wait to read your reviews – in particular of places at the Marietta Food Market. We have been a couple of times. I’m withholding my views until I read a few of yours. Don’t want to be an ‘influencer’ on your opinions. ; ) Would love to meet up for lunch in 2020. Happy New Year!!

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