Pot Pie Perfection at Paul’s

One of Marietta’s best places to eat is a place where you can’t eat. What?

Paul’s pot pies are famous in these parts. At least the sign says so.

And having eaten many of their pies, we tend to agree. Here’s the thing–you can’t eat here. You can only get your pot pies to go. They come frozen, or Paul’s will heat one up for you to take home. But remember, no eating on the premises!

Tonight, we are headed to a dinner party and are bringing two along, the Classic Chicken and Beef Stroganoff.

Good correspondents that we are, we have tried the vegetarian (excellent for veggie lovers) and turkey (Thanksgiving in a pie). Pop them in your oven and ninety minutes later, voila!

They come out golden brown and hot. It couldn’t be easier. Let’s cut them open and see what’s inside.

The chicken (on the left) is full of large chunks of meat, peas and carrots. The stroganoff has beef, mushrooms, broccoli and egg noodles. The chicken remains our favorite. We’ve never had a pot pie this good. It is the pie that made Paul’s famous.

If you want to be the hit of your next potluck dinner, bring one of these babies along. You can feed at least six people with one pie. Not that hungry?

They also make minis that are the perfect size for you and a date, and it lets you try more flavors, like the jambalaya. It’s got shrimp, rice, peppers and onions and just the right amount of cajun spice.

Rom-Com of the Week

This week’s movie is “Set it Up”, available on Netflix.

Two executive assistants try to set up their demanding bosses so that the assistants can have a life. Some Netflix movies are pretty bad, but this one is actually cute. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs are great as the horrible bosses and Zoey Deutch is adorable. Check this one out the next time you are surfing for something to watch on a Friday night.

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