Tea and Crumpets on the Square

As you walk around the Marietta Square, everyone is carrying one of two things. One is a cup of java from Cool Beans, the local coffee merchant. The other is the distinctive bubble tea domed plastic container from Tiny Bubbles. We are not coffee people, so we won’t be going to Cool Beans. However, we have been seen drinking tea on the square, both hot and iced.

Evidently, this is the place to be if you are a female from the ages of 18-24. Lots of Kennesaw State students hang out here, as do high school seniors after school.

Come on in and belly up to the tea bar. From zero to a gazillion calories, they have you covered.

We like our tea without the calories. On a recent visit, we got an Earl Grey and a jasmine.

They have all the free wi-fi you can handle. Their electric sockets are so 2020.

So plug in and stay awhile. And have some more tea. Bubble tea is really sweet. It’s got condensed milk and tapioca balls, which give it that “bubble” look. A fellow customer (female, around 25) let us take a picture of her tea.

Fortunately, they drink one glass of this stuff all day. At least we hope they do. If you tea doesn’t have enough sugar, you can also get macarons.

You can get an all-day sugar buzz for around $6. If you need even MORE sugar, walk a block east to Miss Mamie’s cupcake store.

Their claim to fame is that they won one of those cupcake shows on the Food Network. They also won a recent Christmas decorating contest, so they might leave these decorations up until next December.

You can see why. Look at these creations.

How can you pick?

With the dazzling display of desserts, it is hard to make up your mind. We go with the chocolate mint and yellow cake.

We split them, and decided that the yellow cake was decidedly better than the chocolate one. (I usually prefer the chocolate.). Visually, this place is “eye candy” and Miss Mamie’s is definitely worth the calories. For a good time, bring some to your date on Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to go back for a cookie!

Rom-Com of the Week

Tonight’s rom-com is Holiday in the Wild, available on Netflix.

It stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis, the “cute” one on “Sex and the City”. Netflix has two categories of rom-coms, one for adults, and one for teens. This one falls under the adults category and it’s actually quite enjoyable. It has fine scenery and the typical romantic twists of this genre. The plot is not unique, but it is enough to hold your interest. In fact, I believe that my date stayed up for the whole movie, which in our comfy TV chair, is sometimes hard to do.

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