Doing the Math at MTH Pizza

Most of our recent postings have been from restaurants that we have walked to from our new Date Night Headquarters near the Marietta Square. Tonight, we drive about seven miles to Smyrna to meet our dear friends Claudia and Randy on their home turf.

What the heck does MTH stand for? Metro Transit of Hoboken? An abbreviation for Math 101? A meth lab gone wrong? Nope, nope, and nope. MTH Pizza is owned by the same people that bring us Muss & Turner’s, which is right around the corner. That’s the “M” and the “T” in the name. Here are some scenes from a recent meal at Muss & Turner’s.

We have reviewed M&T’s before, way back in 2012. Not much has changed. Bottom line: it’s noisy, get the Gobbler, a great turkey sandwich, and they make an excellent burger (on the Big Green Egg) and fries.

Back at MTH, for those who were wondering, the “H” is for Chris Hall, the chef at Muss and Turner’s. Glad he is getting some of the credit at MTH.

The decor can only be described as “New Modern Graffiti”. When you walk in, you are tempted to say, “haven’t I been here before?” Perhaps you have, in their previous iteration as a Little Azio’s Pizza. The configuration is the same. They even saved some money and kept the Little Azio pizza oven.

This review is starting to sound like one of those bad interior decorating shows on Bravo that my mother watches. Shall we get to the food? We start with salads.

The Georgia apples and pecan salad is full of the advertised ingredients. Those ricotta cheese balls look especially yummy. We go for a cute salad, the “everybody calls me Giorgio”.

Lots of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, chick peas and mozzarella (we held the peppers and onions) make this an excellent salad to share (this is half of the order) before your pizza is delivered. Everyone at the table shares in the upcoming pizza-palooza.

That’s the Margherita, a simple pizza of mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. You can order from eight pizzas that MTH has come up with, some with cute names like “Clammed If You Do”. Or you can build your own. Math lesson time: whatever you get, the price will always end in a three. It’s a Muss & Turner’s thing. Their prices all end in three as well as the prices at Local Three, their third restaurant.

We also order the Fungi pizza, a collection of ricotta cheese, roasted mushrooms, and pecorino. These pizzas are gorgeous. The crust is crunchy without being too thin. The ingredients stay on the slice and don’t slide off. The owners did a lot of experimentation with their crusts, and it looks like the extra research bodes for success.

The winner? The Margherita. I usually prefer pizza that’s got a few more ingredients, but in this case, simpler is better.

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