Downstairs For Doughnuts

When you last left us, we had just finished a wonderful meal at Canvas. Now, the real fun begins.

Underneath Canvas is a “secret” doughnut shop. You can’t see it from the street. You can access it from behind the building, but those of us who have discovered Doughnut Dollies know that it’s just a staircase away from the Canvas dining room.

Apparently, “Doughnut Dollies” is the nickname of the American Red Cross workers who used to serve coffee and doughnuts to US troops during WWII and Vietnam. Ask your parents about those wars.

At the bottom of the staircase, you are greeted by a stunning array of doughnuts. It’s really hard to make a choice.

It’s just as hard to figure out which angle to take your doughnut pictures.

Fortunately, you can’t take a bad picture here. And you can’t make a bad doughnut choice. There’s only one thing you should be aware of. Our first visit was on a Sunday, and you can see they had plenty of inventory. On our next visit, a Wednesday, we went at about the same time and the store was closed. Evidently, they had sold out, and once they do that, they close up. To prevent heartbreak, we suggest you call before you go.

What did we pick? We got our doughnuts to go.

Four of us shared four doughnuts. That way you get to taste more flavors.

Clockwise from the upper left, we tried chocolate mint, gingerbread, caramel sea salt, and Boston creme. The winner? You are the winner, because you are eating doughnuts! If you must know, I liked the caramel sea salt and Eve liked the chocolate mint the best. But really, you can’t go wrong. Among the flavors we spotted are Fruit Loops, birthday cake, red velvet, lemon, hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and bacon. Bacon? Well, maybe you could go wrong!

We want to go back to try some more. Let’s hope we get there before they sell out for the day.

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