A Beer and A Dog

One of the nice things about the new Date Night Headquarters is that we now live within walking (stumbling?) distance to Glover Park Brewery.

The facade of the building on Atlanta Street is a bit misleading. That’s their special events facility for weddings and such. The tasting room is down and around the back.

Walk down the hill and the fun begins. They have a few fire pits for cold days, like the one on our recent visit.

On a warm day, it is packed outside almost any night of the week. We head inside, where it’s nice and toasty. There’s a big chalkboard with their beers, which change with the seasons.

They make the magic right here. A bit of trivia for you, the owner is a descendant of the Glover family, who owned a locomotive factory in Marietta and is who Glover Park in Marietta Square is named after. There is no extra charge for history lessons on this blog.

Throw in the ingredients and a couple of weeks later, it comes right out of the taps.

It’s that easy. Tonight, we go for the Snowmageddon winter seasonal and the Shot in the Dark, a Scotch ale that is aged in bourbon barrels.

Both are dark and satisfying. With an ABV of around 8%, they keep us warm on this cold night at the brewery.

Hungry? Have some popcorn with your ale.

There are usually food trucks here, but let’s walk a block towards the square and pop into Fox Dogs.

There is nothing but dogs on the menu here. They claim that you can achieve…

…and with this menu, that’s probably not hard to do.

Hot dog lovers will be pleased with these all-beef beauties. You can get a veggie dog if you don’t eat meat. That’s owner Zach Fox behind the counter, dishing up the dogs. Sorry we cut off his head.

Evidently, Zach used to sell them from a cart, but now he has a brick and mortar store in Marietta. The dogs are Sabrett’s from New York and they almost crunch when you bite into them.

Our dogs were the chili Frito, a chili dog with Fritos and sour cream, and a loaded baked potato dog, which had French fries, bacon, and sour cream on the dog. The side of fries was nice and crispy. Next time we will be more adventurous and order the corn nuggets, which are fried creamed corn.

So did we achieve hot dog happiness? Yes. We probably ate a week’s worth of sodium in one sitting, but these are good dogs. If you need a quick bite on the square, this could be the place for you. Warning: Miss Mamie’s is right next door, so you are only a few steps away from ruining your diet forever.

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