Go Out to Eat! (Take-out Of Course)

A note to our readers: We are currently in California, where we have an ample supply of toilet paper and about 10 days worth of food in the freezer. About half of the restaurants in our neighborhood are closed. The other half have gone to take-out or delivery only. Two weeks ago, who knew that sitting down for a meal in a restaurant would become a luxury of the past?

Through the magic of WordPress, we are able to write our restaurant reviews in advance and publish them every Monday. We’ve got the next five weeks already written. Here’s a sneak preview:

In these strange times, we just don’t feel right about publishing restaurant reviews, so we are going to put the blogging on hold. Restaurants all over the country are hurting right now, but we can all help. Order delivery. Go get takeout. It will get you out of the house, and it will help your favorite place to eat. Sometime in the future, when the coronavirus is an unpleasant memory of toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages, your favorite restaurant may be a memory as well. So go get some food. It will do a lot of people good.

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