Rom-Com Fridays: Valentine’s Day

We have stopped doing our restaurant reviews for the time being, but we all need more comedy and less drama in our lives, so why not continue our rom-com Fridays feature? Tonight’s movie: Valentine’s Day (2010), available on Netflix.

Talk about seeing young stars in their prime. This Garry Marshall flick gives us a very young Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner at her rom-com best, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, Jamie Fox and that guy from the Twilight movies (Taylor Lautner). It also proves that Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba are not the same actress. Or are they?

Because Marshall directs, you get all sorts of pop songs used in just the right places and all of the different storylines are neatly wrapped up by the end of the movie. It’s very reminiscent of one of our favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually. Sure, our lives were a lot different six weeks ago at Valentine’s Day, but this film allows you to forget the coronavirus for 124 minutes. Yeah, maybe it’s a bit long, but it’s a lot of fun.

Take Out-Tuesdays: Pizza Night!

Something we have started doing to support our local restaurants is getting take-out every Tuesday night. Although we are in California for the near future, we thought we would share our experiences and maybe some folks would adopt our new Tuesday night tradition. Tonight, what’s in the box?

It’s Gina’s Pizza from just down the street. Gina’s has internet ordering and you pay on the internet, so there’s none of that unsanitary credit card handling in the pizzeria. Thirty minutes later, dinner is ready.

The fried eggplant and mushroom pizza is still hot when we get it home. The crust is thicker than usual, giving the pie a Sicilian feel. It’s full of cheese and you can see your cholesterol go up as you eat it. That’s OK. Pizza is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and in these times, we have earned it. To offset some of the bad, we get a salad to go along.

Mixed greens are topped with tomato, almonds, parmesan, and garbanzo beans, which I added because the internet let me do so. The salad is nice and fresh and is an excellent side dish to the pizza.

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